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Proper Attire for A Night Out Gambling

Proper Attire for A Night Out Gambling
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A night out gambling at the casino has connotations of style, elegance, James Bond, and martinis that are shaken, not stirred. After all, who doesn’t love to dress up now and again, whether it’s to impress your partner or for a boys’ night out gambling? 

Anyone will tell you that dressing up can put that pep in your step and give you a confidence boost, not to mention it’s just plain fun. A man may dress to impress, but it’s really about how it makes you feel inside as well as out. 

Now, not many men will attest to having as much knowledge as they would like when it comes to fashion. But times, just like fashion, are constantly changing, and so must our approach. A well-groomed man will catch an eye. A well-dressed man will catch a few. 

Casino Royale

As the world opens up and more people are starting to get out and enjoy the nightlife, land-based casinos are becoming increasingly popular as a go-to for those who prefer a more elegant outing. Of course, they are much different from an online casino in that your physical presence is required.  

This means tracksuit pants and a hoodie may not work. And why would you want to wear that? This is an opportunity to pull out all those clothes that have been sitting in the closet for the last two years. 

Preparation Is Key 

A good course of action would always be to check out the place you plan to visit online first. They may have a specific dress code, or it may be more relaxed and casual, as long as it’s not torn jeans and a torn t-shirt with open-toed sandals. 

A way to look at it is to think about how you would dress for a theatre show and if you are planning to go for drinks or dinner beforehand. Some casinos may have nightclubs, and if you are planning on going to one, there may be a different dress code required, so be sure to check up on that. 

Generally, the rule of thumb is the more luxurious and sophisticated the setting is, with restaurants and clubs aplenty, the more elegant and stylish you will need to dress. There are even websites available to show you what casinos are in your state and the dress code. 


Certain land-based casinos will accept a casual dress style, and it will also be appropriate for drinks at the bar or even dinner. What is casual, you may ask?

It’s mostly a relaxed style that is still put together and has thought regarding colors and types. Khakis, loafers, a short-sleeved shirt, or even a polo shirt or golfer shirt are all casual. 

During the day, you may even get away with shorts or jeans matched with a t-shirt of different patterns or colors. 

Business Formal And Casual 

Business formal is similar to what you would wear to work if you had a big presentation in front of the board. It would consist of a two-piece suit (preferably in a darker color), with patterns that are not large and loud, a button-down shirt in a solid color (white is always a favorite), and a necktie that is also suitably patterned. Lace-up or wingtip shoes that are leather and polished are a must, and your socks should be high enough on your leg so that you never see bare skin. 

Business casual is probably the look you would wear most often to work. This includes a sports blazer or suit jacket, paired with either an open-collared or polo shirt and khakis or slacks. Your shoes must be closed, such as loafers or boots, and no ties are worn.

White Tie 

For your night out gambling, the most formal of formal wear in Western fashion, a white tie may not be something you wear to a regular casino, but, in all likelihood, to a private casino event. This will include a black suit with a satin strip down the leg, a white vest and white bow tie, a white shirt with wind collars, black socks, black shoes, and sometimes, even white gloves.

Image by Renee Olmsted from Pixabay

Black Tie

This is standard dress for weddings or big events and would definitely channel your inner 007. You can also go so far as to wear a tuxedo on your night out gambling if you wish. This is a properly formal outfit, consisting of a dark suit, a conventional tie, leather shoes with a thin sole, and a white formal dress shirt. A tie or bow tie is optional.

What To Avoid

No matter where you go and with whom on your night out gambling, what really matters is to wear something that is comfortable and that you feel confident in. This kind of alpha energy is exactly what you need to channel if you gamble and win – be it on the tables or at the slots. 

Do not wear something that will make you feel awkward or is completely not your style or taste – you are going out with friends or family, and the most important thing is to have fun! 

Featured Image by Sciffler from Pixabay