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Top 5 Ways to Avoid an Energy Bill Horror Story

We’re all guilty of complaining about the cost of our energy bills from time to time. Yet, very few people actually take steps to reduce their consumption. There is no need to put up with that familiar pang of anxiety every time that the next gas or electricity statement is due. You can create positive change in your home and take back control of your energy bills.

This is a lot easier to do than many people realize. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. You don’t have to invest in confusing green technologies or even switch up your lifestyle all that much. You just have to be willing to think before you switch thermostats on, use energy efficient bulbs, and learn the difference between convenience and practicality.

This guide to some of the most effective ways to lower the cost of your energy bills will help you start making savings today.

Switch Suppliers Regularly

Like car insurance, energy is one of those things that favours the newcomer. Most of the top suppliers are focused on attracting new customers, so they don’t always reward existing ones. You can end up saving a lot of money and securing the best deals by switching up your choice of supplier once every couple of years. Whatever you do, don’t just assume that you have the most appealing rate; shop around and check before you commit to a contract.

Steer Clear of Central Heating


Purchasing electric heaters is a really affordable and effective way to keep your house warm throughout the year. They are a much more economical option than central heating, because they target only those areas where heat is really needed. Why waste money raising the temperature in parts of your house that aren’t even being used? Central heating is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to hefty energy bills, so cut back on your dependence.

Keep the Thermostat Low


If you really can’t bear to put some distance between yourself and your thermostat, you could always try lowering it a little. Reduce the intensity and just put on a jumper if you start to feel cold. It might not seem like much, but even a small reduction can end up saving a household a significant amount of cash each year. You’ll certainly be glad of the change when you get your next bill through the mail.

Invest in Insulation

While the initial cost of insulating a home can seem steep, this is a proven way to dramatically lower energy costs in the future. The savings are long term too, because once you have high quality insulation, your house is going to become great at retaining heat. You’ll be surprised at how rarely you need to turn to central heating when you have loft or roof insulation. Just make sure that you work with a reliable, reputable contractor.

Use Energy Efficient Bulbs

All of the rumours are true; energy efficient bulbs really do make a huge difference when it comes to helping families lower their energy bills. And, they don’t cost much more than standard bulbs these days. Plus, they last longer, emit less glare, and are guaranteed to up your green credentials. To really maximize these savings, get smart about your energy habits and switch lights off when rooms aren’t being used.

While discussions about how to lower energy costs aren’t exactly thrilling entertainment, they’re important because they can give you back control over your bills. Even a small amount of extra cash left over at the end of the month can mean more shopping trips, movie tickets, restaurant dinners, and presents for the family.

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