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How To Make Your Proposal Go Off Without A Hitch

If you’re planning on proposing to your other half, then you’re going to want to make sure that it goes off without a hitch. You’ve probably got a good idea of how you want it to go, but how can you be sure that it’ll go that way? The tips in this guide will help you!

Consider Your Partner’s Culture

When proposing, you want to make sure you’ve thought about your partner’s culture. This could make a huge difference to how you actually go about proposing. For example, you may need to ask for permission from your partner’s parents first. It might seem old fashioned, but some people find their culture/religion really important so you need to show you take it seriously.


Consider Your Partner’s Personality

Not only do you need to consider your partner’s religion and culture, you need to consider their personality too. If they are a really outgoing person who loves to be the centre of attention, you could consider proposing at a sport’s game (if you’re sure they’ll say yes). If they are quite shy and reserved, then doing something like that definitely isn’t a good idea. Make sure you think of a way to propose that will make them feel special and comfortable. You don’t want to scare them, embarrass them, or put pressure on them.

Take Your Time Searching for the Right Ring

Make sure you take your time when looking for the right ring to present to your partner. This can be one of the most difficult things about proposing. To get an idea of the different styles available, you can look on sites like http://davidsonandlicht.com/product-category/engagement-rings/. Make sure you take their style into account, and the clothing/jewelry they currently wear. It needs to be something that suits them and something they can wear every day. It’ll mean a lot to them if you pay attention and choose something they love. It can be tempting to propose without a ring and let her choose one herself, but it’ll mean a lot more if you go out and buy it.


Don’t Tell Many People

It can be tempting to blab to just about everybody you know that you’re going to propose to your other half. Try not to! Only if you need advice or you’re doing it for a good reason should you spill the news. If you tell lots of people, you run the risk of it getting around somehow. You should keep it off messages and social media. If you’re planning the proposal with a shared computer or something, you need to make sure you cover your tracks.

There’s no guarantee your proposal will go off exactly as you’ve imagined it. Life gets in the way sometimes, so you may need to stay flexible to get the best results. Try to stay calm, and use the tips here to get the best reaction possible. Do you have any tips for proposing? Leave your ideas and thoughts below!

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