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Social Media Marketing Guide for Salons

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Having a business in today’s marketing landscape has never been so easy. Thanks to social media, reaching out to people can be as easy as a click of a button. This is why businesses, salons, in particular, use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, to launch salon marketing strategies, accumulate leads, and generate sales. 

However, having your salon set up its own social media accounts doesn’t guarantee success. There are strategies that need to be implemented for your hair salon marketing plan to work. 

Continue reading below to know effective social media marketing techniques that most salons often take for granted. 

Salon software makes marketing easier

The best part is that you can boost the effectiveness of your social media marketing by having a reliable salon software such as SalonLife. With effective salon software, simple tasks such as online booking, sending notifications, and putting reminders can be done automatically, so your staff can focus on more important tasks. Serving your customers!

One of the most important parts of marketing is optimization. Using effective salon software will allow your clients to book appointments quickly and easily. This means you will never have to schedule appointments through Facebook messenger. Just send them a link and for quick and easy online booking.

Engaging beauty salon marketing ideas

The good thing about social media is that it allows means for businesses to engage with viewers and visitors of the page. Aside from direct messaging, the comment section can also be a good tool to interact with customers. Simple inquiries can be dealt with, and feedback, whether positive or negative, can be managed.

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The most important thing is to utilize these means of interaction to enhance your beauty salon marketing strategy. Make sure to respond to any comment and create opportunities to sell your products and services. Make sure to convert inquiries to sales.

Manage and Value Feedback

One of the most effective hair salon marketing plans you can implement now is gathering positive reviews. Feedbacks are an important tool in gauging customer satisfaction. Aside from comments and direct messaging, social media platforms allow customers to rate and leave feedback to establishments they have been to. Utilize the feedback tool to analyze the current situation of your salon and make the necessary changes to meet customer satisfaction.

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Whether positive or negative feedback, make sure to respond to all of them and use the opportunity to upsell, cross-sell, or persuade unsatisfied customers to try out your salon again. For those that leave positive feedback, make sure to let them know that you appreciate the positive feedback.

The reason why feedbacks and ratings should be an integral part of your salon marketing strategy is that whenever your salon catches the attention of a potential customer, the next thing that person would do is to look at the ratings and the feedback. Your ratings would factor in a lot on whether a person will avail of your services or not. 

Regular Posting of Interesting and Value-Filled Content

If you want your Facebook and Instagram page to pop-up regularly on people’s walls, you have to post every day. But you should not just post anything. Your posts should be relevant to your products and services, and at the same time, of value to your followers and potential customers. Marketing is a profession; this is why salon marketing strategies have to be well designed to produce the best results.

Quotes, though short and sometimes general, can hit the spot to most of your readers. It can easily garner likes, especially if the quotes are inspirational. If it hits the spot for a specific person, that can automatically garner a like and share, and perhaps a sale.

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DIYs are a great way to show your followers that you are not just after the sales. For a salon Facebook page, a great DIY idea is easy haircuts.  You can also have home-made solutions that people can apply to improve their looks. It shows that you are genuine in helping them save money on easy treatments if they cannot afford to pay for it in your salon.

Before and after pictures show off how skillful your salon staff is.  It shows how much a customer’s look improved after they went to your salon. Put some captions and hashtags to ensure likes, shares, and sales.

Complete Your Social Media Profile

Another beauty salon marketing strategy you can do without any professional help is to complete your social media profiles. 

When visitors to your Facebook page and Instagram handle are sold that your salon can definitely do wonders, the next thing they do is to look for information on how they can reach out to you. If there is no information on your profile, then you lost a sale. 

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Your address and phone number should easily be accessible in your social media accounts. Make sure to put your salon on google maps and have your location included on your Facebook page. Aside from keeping your posts and comments being flooded with inquiries about your contact information, people can easily contact you whenever they get impulsive on visiting your salon.

Photos are a great means of enticing your visitors and followers to visit your physical shop. Put pictures of your shop, your equipment, and even landmarks that people recognize so that it would be easier for them to visit you. 

Hair salon advertising with proper targeting

There are all sorts of people on Facebook and Instagram.  You only want to have a specific audience to set up your social media accounts with. Targeting your audience is an effective salon marketing strategy to boost your online presence. 

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  1. First, you have to know what specific audience you are targeting. 
  2. The next thing to do is know the niche and trends these people are following and make it relevant to your pages. 
  3. Then research and use relevant and trending hashtags to ensure that your page comes up whenever a person uses that hashtag.

Using SalonLife as your all-around salon software would boost the effectiveness of the following social media marketing tips. 

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This software can be fully integrated with your social media accounts. Therefore, it could easily use Facebook and Instagram to do tasks such as having links to your online booking tool.  It could also set up reminders of upcoming appointments, put notification of upcoming events and promotions. As well as determine the proper offers and deals to be done for an effective marketing campaign.

If you have great hair salon marketing ideas you want to implement, this does not mean you have all the necessary skills to do so. This is why reaching out to a law firm ppc company such as Marketing1776 can help kickstart your beauty salons marketing strategy. Or try to reach out to some of your local marketing agencies.  Schedule a free consultation to educate yourself on what would work best for your beauty salon. Pay-per-click management agencies, in general, are very forthcoming and helpful, so don’t hesitate and act now.

If you plan to do the marketing yourself, then the success of your social marketing strategies will rely on your great content. A reliable salon software like SalonLife will be able to cope with the latest trends. It can communicate directly with your followers and would-be visitors. Remember, convert those likes and shares into sales.

I hope this post gave you a brief overview of new salon marketing ideas you can implement yourself or with help from a full-service digital marketing agency.

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