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8 Practical Ideas to Introduce Gamification to Your Marketing Strategy


The internet has opened new gates of opportunities for both buyers and sellers. It has given the seller a chance to sell their product and services to local, national as well as an international buyers. Similarly, buyers have a limitless range of goods and services, from which they can select and purchase the product as per their needs. With new opportunities come new challenges. Attracting new buyers and retaining existing customers are some of the biggest challenges faced by online retailers.

Marketing people work day and night to plan new digital marketing strategies for their clients. Thinking out of the box and work on new marketing strategy ideas are the only way to get the buyer’s attention. Though content marketing still remains a significant strategy, finding new methods to make this content attractive and engaging is the biggest challenge for marketers. One strategy which helps marketers in overcoming this challenge is ‘Gamification.’ Business owners keep looking for different strategies to grow their business online. Now Twitter is a great platform for online marketing but you need a strong presence for ensuring business profit. If you are inquisitive to grow your Twitter followers then you may look at the real Twitter promotion services.

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What is gamification?

The very first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word ‘gamification’ is ‘game.’ What can be more fun and engaging than playing a game?

The gamification concept is quite old as far as a marketing strategy is concerned. However, the use of this concept for online marketing strategy has brought a revolutionary change in digital marketing.

Gamification is the use of game mechanics like rules to play the game, competition, scoring, etc. and psychology in a totally non-gaming context.  Use Gamification strategy in digital marketing helps the businesses to achieve their desired marketing goals. These goals could be to attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, etc.

Besides engaging customers and potential customers, gamification also acts as a driving force which further motivates people to reach their goal and win rewards and incentives.

How to introduce gamification in your marketing strategy?

While introducing gamification marketers need to be extra cautious while designing the game, setting up the rules, and formulating the scoring system. Being transparent in progress tracking is also very important. The best part of this strategy is that it can be used for promoting all kinds of goods and services. Some of the practical ideas of incorporating gamification in marketing strategy are discussed below:

Make onboarding easy

One of the very first aims of any marketing strategy is to make users aware of your product or services. One way of achieving this is by creating a loop where the users get to use your product/service frequently. The use of a gamification strategy during onboarding is quite a good option. It would make onboarding easy. The very first thing that you can do is using this concept is making users aware of what all they can do with your product. 

Incorporate leader boards

The one thing that motivates any gamer is their score and ranking on the leader board. For any player, the urge of beating the maximum score is the biggest motivation. Everyone wants to see their name on the top of the leader board. Hence, incorporating the leader board is a must, if you are using a gamification strategy for marketing purposes. Moreover, it would also help in keeping users engage and stick to the brand. To make this strategy successful and add another motivating factor, you can add incentives on various stages or levels of the leader board. These incentives can be in the form of points, badges, etc. The aim is to enhance the user’s motivation level which would ultimately lead you to achieve your ultimate goal of engaging your customers.


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Giving rewards to users is another practical way of making your gamification strategy successful. Besides being a huge motivation factor, rewards also gives the user a sense of achievement which further helps in increasing the user’s trust and loyalty towards the business. You may give rewards that are tangible in nature. In a tangible reward system, you may give points as a reward, which the customer can use at the time of making a purchase. This is just one example, so be creative and plan your own reward system. You may even use a reward system for appreciation purposes. Many software companies and websites run bug bounty programs. In this, the users who identify and report any bug in their products receive compensation from the company side.

Introduce badges

One of the most practical and widely accepted elements of gamification strategy is rewarding badges to the users. Planning and designing an effective badge earning system are very important. This would have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the badging system as a whole. Badges should be given as a reward for progress or achieving the goal. This would help in maintaining the worth of badges and would also give users a sense of achievement. It would enhance the users’ motivation level, and they would work harder to earn the next badge. This would result in a stronger connection between your brand and the customers.


Playing any kind of quiz requires involvement. You can use a quiz as a way for the user to prove their loyalty towards the product/service. You may also use the quiz as a mode with which the user can identify the product which is best suited their requirement. You can even set up a quiz as a challenge and motivate them to give maximum right answers. You can further increase its effectivity by adding a reward for the winner. Many retail websites conduct daily quizzes for their users on various topics related to their current schemes, general quiz and even on new products. Rewards can be given either daily or even on a monthly basis. This would result in keeping the user connected to the website.

Offer financial rewards

What can be more attractive than financial rewards? You can offer financial rewards to the users which can be credited to their website account. This strategy may help you achieve a dual purpose. One it would motivate people to continue their relationship with the brand and second in order to use the financial benefit many users may opt for purchasing your product/service. Just remember, always be transparent with the results as it will increase the site’s credibility.


Another practical way of using gaming strategy is through voting. Ability and freedom to vote always make the user feel how important they are for the company. Voting also shows that you care about your customers. You can pick any relevant topic regarding your product or service and ask your users to give their vote. Based on this voting you can gather ideas and may even find the solution for any existing product related issue. Making changes on the basis of your customer’s voting would further make your customers realize that you actually listen to them. This would give them a feeling of belongingness.

Refer to professionals

One of the most practical ways to incorporate gamification is to refer to professionals. Incurring gamification in the marketing strategy is quite tricky. If not planned properly it may have a bad impact on the brand reputation. It is advisable to refer someone who has an in-depth knowledge of planning and designing of games keeping the relation of product and customer at the center. The ultimate goal of using gamification is to keep users engaged with the brand.

Gamification concept has always been there. However, the way of using this strategy has changed a lot. Its use in digital marketing is quite tricky and needs strategic planning. If used properly, users would remain connected to the product for a very long time. It gives the user another major reason to be loyal to the brand, and that is ‘fun.’

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