pdrsungrown 280x300 - Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun Grown RobustoProduced in the Dominican Republic, Pinar Del clear1x1 - Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun Grown RobustoRio is a partnership between Juan Rodriguez and Abraham Flores.  The company makes two lines of cigars, the Habano Sun Grown and the Habano Oscuro.  The Sun Grown features a deep red-brown wrapper, while the Oscuro features a maduro wrapper.  Both lines have been made in the Don Leoncio factory since the brand’s introduction in 2008.  With the founding partners’ deep roots in the Dominican cigar industry, I was interested to see how this cigar would turn out.


Foot1 150x150 - Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun Grown RobustoOrigin: Dominican Republic

Build: Handmade with all Dominican wrapper and binder and Dominican and Nicaraguan  filler

Format: Robusto

Size: 127 x 19.54 mm (5″ x 50)

Price: $5 USD

PDR HSG1 1024x182 - Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun Grown Robusto

I had a few free hours this evening, so I figured I’d take a couple and dig through my humidor and see what I could find.  Buried in the bottom I found a 5-pack of these that I picked up a couple months back, so I thought I’d give one a try.  A short walk to the beach, and there awaiting me was gentle lapping waves a bright pink sunset filling the sky.  It became immediately obvious that this smoking experience would be much more about the environment than the stick itself.  After clipping with my new Palio cutter, I took a seat on a log on the beach and fired it up.  As a result of some difficulties lighting, the cigar was a bit harsh to start, although any harshness died out after 3 or 4 minutes.  As my mind wandered and the waves lapped the shore, I watched the ash slowly grow to 1.5 inches.  By this point the cigar had turned quite smooth, never attaining the “medium body” the cigar claims to have; rather, it was exceedingly mild.  All in all a nice stick for such a relaxing environment.

This is about when things turned sour, as the cigar hit a rough spot and started to pull really hard.  Short of pulling constantly, I did all I could, but the cigar went dead as the pull got harder and harder.  Being in a beach-induced state of relaxation, I decided to simply give up rather than try to coax it back to life.  Despite the difficulties, I enjoyed the 30 minutes or so I got, as it was a rare opportunity to relax and let my mind wander.  I’ve got 4 more of these sitting in my humidor, and barring any draw issues, I’m actually looking forward to them.  For more detailed reviews, check out Cigar Fan, Cigar Asylum, Zen Cigar, and Her Humidor.

PDR21 1024x222 - Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun Grown Robusto

PDR3 1024x558 - Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun Grown Robusto

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