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Vancouver Whisky Release

Image by out5ourcestores from Pixabay

Today your local BC Signature store is stocking its shelves with some of the world’s rarest and most exciting malts. Even if your location prevents you from partaking in the festivities the release booklet is a pretty good read.

“With enthusiasm for premium whisky growing each year, BC Liquor Stores continues to seek global selections of rare and highly recommended whiskies. The products presented in this release are chosen for rarity, accolades, variety and appeal.

Featuring whiskies of interest for the collector as well as the whisky novice, this release includes aged malt whiskies, vintage releases, unique and limited cask offerings and a variety of cask finishes and price ranges from around the world – Scotland, Ireland, America, Japan, Welsh, and India.”

A quick glance through the list reveals a mix of special rare releases like Macallan Lalique III 57 year old (that’ll be $17,500 please) to new releases from old favorites like the Highland Park 40 and Scapa 16. Personally the Bruichladdich Guigal White Cask caught my eye since Guigal is known to use some of the most concentrated oak flavours in its wines; how would this bold toasty cooperage translate to a 20 year Islay? This release also signals a real expansion in selection from other countries like Japan and India.

Featured Image by out5ourcestores from Pixabay