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Choosing Men’s Gifts for the Winter

There seems to be a big drive at Christmas to find something different, something novel or unusual for a man at Christmas.  But ask many men and the classic gift ideas are still hugely popular with them, the kind of things they will use frequently and like to have a choice between.  So, if you are shopping for the men in your life this Christmas, here are some classic gift ideas from House of Fraser for them.

Men’s knitwear


High collar sweaters and jumpers are both stylish and practical.  With a full zip that comes to the top of the collar, they can be worn in different ways.  Great for keeping the cold wind from the back of the neck, these styles of knitwear also work with the collar folded down.  The Lacoste Full Zip High Collar Sweater is made from 100% wool and has the high collar.  Available in black and navy, the top works on a variety of occasions.


The Polo Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Cotton Jumper is a smart and easy to wear top that comes in a range of different colours from midnight blue, red and olive.  Featuring a fine knit and crew neck, the top is suitable for smart and casual occasions and would be great to wear on Christmas Day for that family lunch.

Golfing fans never let the weather put them off their game but having the right clothing does make the game more enjoyable.  The Calvin Klein Golf Heather Half Zip features a high collar and a half zip so can be worn with the collar up or down.  The jumper uses a blend of cotton and acrylic so is machine washable after the round.


Most guys carry a wallet most of the time and there are several classic designs that suit the different requirements.  A good wallet is stylish but highly practical, including card holder sections or a coin pouch.  Often places to hold business cards are popular if the man gives out and receives these.  Even money clips can be a useful addition for those occasions where a little cash is essential.

Two and three-fold wallets are the most commonly used styles while a simple card holder can be given as an additional gift to carry during business hours.  A particularly nice present is a gift box set containing a wallet and a cardholder that match.


A sign of a fine shirt is that it requires cufflinks and buying these cufflinks is another classic men’s gift idea for Christmas.  Cufflinks can be funny, matching or asymmetrical as well as serious, depending on the man in question and the occasion.  Branded cufflinks from big names such as Huge Boss can work well if the shirt is from the same brand while.

A great gift set is a pair of cufflinks and a matching tie pin or tie bar.  These little bars hold the tie to the shirt and matching the two elements up makes for a very classy look.  House of Fraser supply them in a gift boxed set so are ideal for presents.

Men’s footwear


While the days of need heavy snow boots seem to be past, there is still the need for good, solid boots to protect the feet during winter while still looking stylish.  The Timberland Heavy Round Toe Chelsea Boot is an ankle boot style with a stretch section to allow ease of wearing.  it features a sturdy grip for those icy times and comes in a warm brown shade.

For more formal occasions, the Ted Baker Guri Brogue Shoes use a heavy brogues style with leather upper and a pierced pattern.  The shoes come in a tan colour with matching brown laces and have a rubber sole with grip pattern so make walking in icy conditions easier than with many dress shoes.

Gloves and hats

Whether driving or commuting, more and more guys will turn to gloves and hats to protect themselves from the worst of the weather.  For some men, leather gloves are a great option while others prefer the softer knitted options, with Merino wool being a great choice.  Fingerless gloves were once a bit of fun but are now seen as practical if you use your touch screen device while commuting.

Hats are all about practicality but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish too if required.  Hats such as beanies and baseball caps are more about protecting the head from the cold and shielding the eyes.  Trilby’s and flat caps are a little more suitable for the man in a suit.

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