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How to: Make A Statement This Summer

Spring has arrived, and that means we’re really not all that far from the best time of the year: summer. Any Aspiring Gentlemen should be looking to get summer just right, making it a time full of possibilities and endless delights. But for that to happen, you’ll need to first make sure you’ve taken care of some of the essential ingredients necessary to make summer a success. Below, we outline some of the most important factors you can incorporate into your summer to make it a runaway success.

Hitting the Gym

When you finally emerge after the cold winter, you want to be looking as good as possible. And like it or not, the easiest way a person can look good is by hitting the gym. Exercise tones muscles, improves skin complexion, and even puts us in a great mood that we can then radiate out to the world. If you haven’t yet starter your gym regime, it’s not too late. Hit the gym now and you’ll notice an improvement in a matter of weeks. Put the time in now and you’ll be thankful when it comes to summer!

The Not So Subtle Accessories

Everyone’s going to be dressing well this summer. Everyone always does. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to go the extra mile and add some eye catching accessories to your outfit. Look at gold chain options; they’ll look great when you’re wearing your plain t-shirts, and also don’t forget to add some simple wrist or neckbands when you’re at those laid back festivals. Also, most people work hard on their outfit and then forget that the footwear is the most important part of bringing an outfit altogether, so make finding the right sandals a priority.

The Music

There’s going to be some monster anthems getting blasted out this summer. Keep your ear out for the best tracks and make them part of your weekend playlist. It’s asking too much for you to be trendsetter, but if you’re on top of what the people want to hear this summer then your parties will always be a popular hotspot!

From A to B


Driving the same vehicle you drive in winter during the summer? Sure, you can do that, but might there be a more fun way to get around when the sun is shining and everyone’s on the streets? Look at learning to ride a scooter (or motorized or not) or, if you’re particularly bold and live in a city where it’s acceptable, roller blades might be the best investment you make for the summer.

The Events

Of course, you’ll be gearing up for summer to prepare yourself for one thing: all the great events that will be taking place during June, July, and August. The very best events will sell out quickly, so put the time in to be on top of the events that are going on and get your tickets well in advance. There’s no better way to make a statement than being present at all the hottest goings on around town!