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Dallas Dhu 1981 Duncan Taylor

Dallas_Dhu_Distillery_Are those pump hoses on the distillery floor or a velvet rope? Dallas Dhu has been preserved as a Historic distillery in Scotland, aka it is a Tourist Trap. These days tasting a product from Dallas Dhu is a true rarity since no malt has entered the copper stills there since 1983 when the distillery went out of business. Unless you actually visit in which case the whisky left in barrels when the distillery closed is used as samples for visitors.

The tasting experience of Dallas Dhu 1981 started weak and ended strong. Weak only because when I asked for my dram of this 27 year I was asked if I wanted to “do the Dhu?” When the glass came to my nose  though I noticed an incredible surge of aromas reminiscent of a vintage Madeira – citrus oil, maderised sugar and roasted coffee. Resounding on the palate, filling every corner of the mouth with spices, dates and lemon. A wide variety of taste sensations all in balance. The finish is strong but the flavours last so long as to beat down the alcohol sting. This was a very memorable Scotch experience for me, extra special since the distilling was done in my birth year.


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