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Car Buyers: You Won’t Believe What You Can Get for Under £100 A Month

Car Buyers: You Won’t Believe What You Can Get For Under £100 A Month
Vauxford, via Wikimedia Commons

What can £100 a month buy you in 2021? A high-end gym membership? 100 Mcdonald’s Chicken Mayos? A few TV subscription services? How about a car?

Yes, you can buy a car for £100 a month. A new one too. But there are a few catches, which we’ll come back to later. Want to avoid these snags? You should try searching for used cars

They come with fewer financial catches, especially if you’re buying with good old-fashioned cash.

But back to the new car dilemma. Basically, the catch is that you can buy whatever car you’d like for £100 a month if you have a large enough deposit.

With that in mind, we’ve highlighted five cars you can get for £100 a month with sensible deposits.

Dacia Sandero

Britain’s cheapest new car is also surprisingly brilliant. If you got out of a Ford Fiesta worth twice as much and sat in a Sandero, you wouldn’t feel short-changed.

The Sandero isn’t small either. It’s a supermini, so roughly the same size as a Vauxhall Corsa. Other cars of this price tend to be tiny and tinny city cars.

Dacia manages to make such cheap vehicles because they share loads of parts with Renault cars. 

They do tend to be pretty basic. The cheapest models do without remote central locking and DAB radios, for instance.


The MG3 is a small, affordable, and back-to-basics kind of hatchback. It has very few trim levels and options, so there’s little else for you to spend your money on.

Broadly it’s practical and economical. Like with the Dacia above, it offers supermini size for city car money.

But best of all, it comes with a seven-year warranty and is regularly offered with 0% APR finance.

Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki’s cute little Ignis is an unorthodox car. It’s SUV-shaped but city car-sized. 

This unusual shape means there’s loads of headroom and a decent-shaped boot. While its frugal petrol engine makes it cheap to run too.

Suzuki regularly offers deposit contributions, which effectively work as discounts on deposits.

Kia Picanto

Like the MG3, the city car-sized Kia Picanto comes with a huge seven-year warranty. Even if you don’t keep a car for seven years, it goes some way in showing just how confident Kia is with its engineering.

Kia Picanto
Vauxford, via Wikimedia Commons

A Picanto for the £100 a month marque won’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it is at least funky looking in a blocky kind of way.

Citroen C1

The C1 is the smallest car Citroen makes. It doubles down on value – especially on its ability to provide cheap running costs to people after small city cars.

The turning circle is particularly brilliant, as is the ride. It’s the most comfortable city car out there.

Citroen often bundles finance packages aimed at young people. Things like cheap insurance are included. Plus, it’s often discounted.

Featured Vauxford, via Wikimedia Commons