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The Essentials of a Family Car: A Buyer’s Guide

The Essentials of a Family Car: A Buyer's Guide
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Are the old family wheels worn out and weary? Perhaps your car has given up the ghost or needs too many repairs to justify the cost. Whatever the reason, you’ve landed here because you’re in the market for a new family car?

It’s an exciting time, full of possibilities and nerves in equal parts. But what if you’re uncertain of exactly what to look for in family cars? Never fear, for, in this handy article, we’re going to learn about the essentials of a family car. By the end, you’ll be an expert – but read on for now.

How Many Seats?

The first thing to determine is exactly how many seats you’ll need. Now, you may be tempted to judge this on the size of your immediate, close family. But you also need to consider if you will ever take passengers, like your kids’ friends, houseguests, or other extended family members, for instance. In this case, give yourself a few extra seats. This will probably have you looking at seven or eight-seater SUVs or even a people mover! This should narrow the shortlist significantly. 

Safety First

The next thing to consider is the safety rating and features of your next family vehicle. You should really opt for something that has a high safety rating because, in the unlikely event of a crash, you want to be safe in the knowledge that your family will be safe. 

Safety belts
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Alongside the safety rating, consider what safety features the car you are considering for purchase has. Look for things like automatic/advanced braking systems, emergency alerts like lane drift and proximity alerts, reversing cameras, and the like. Pick a family automobile that is chock full of safety features.

Reliability and Warranties

A word about reliability – not all cars are equal. Do your research on the most reliable and dependable brands. You’ll find Korean and Japanese makes are up there when it comes to being dependable and lasting a long time. This isn’t to say avoid other manufacturers, but being forewarned is forearmed in the car buying game. You don’t want a lemon. 

Also, look for warranty periods – the longer, the better. This means that the company that manufactured the vehicle warrants it to be free of mechanical defect or failure for a certain period of time, usually five to seven years. This means you’ll get it repaired free of cost. A note, though, this doesn’t include events like tire blowouts, punctures, or windshield chips and cracks, as these aren’t manufacturing issues. 

Storage Space Matters

Finally, if you’re after a family car, you’ll want one with ample storage room and cabin space. This is because chances are you’re carting the kids, their bags, your bags, the groceries, and a heap of other stuff from A to B every day. 

You may also want to consider towing capacity if you like to get away for the weekend or on the holidays. For instance, you may want to tow a camper, a trailer, or even a caravan. 


By now, you should be a family car buying pro. First of all, figure out how many seats you need, and remember to factor in friends, houseguests, and extended family. Make sure to narrow your shortlist down to vehicles with high safety ratings and modern safety features. Next, research the most reliable brands and look for companies that offer longer warranty periods. Finally, consider the storage space offered by each car you consider and pick one that will work for you and your family’s requirements. 

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