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Rémy Martin 1738 Cards Giveaway

Upon learning of Rémy Martin’s project of designing a “Gentleman Deck of Cards,” memories of cards from my teenage days with not safe for work images flashed through my mind.  Taking a closer look though, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these cards are for the true gentleman.  The “Gentleman” in “Aspiring Gentleman,” not the “Gentleman” in “Gentleman’s Club.”  The Rémy Martin cards, made to accompany their Accord Royal 1738 champagne cognac, contain such pearls of wisdom as “a true gentleman knows to always retire himself after he has had one too many drinks.  A good rule of thumb: Drink the first.  Sip the second.  Skip the third.”

After chatting with the fine people at Rémy Martin, they have offered to give away 5 decks of the cards to our readers.  Want a chance to win one?  Simply head over to our Facebook page, find the link to this article on the front page, and click “like.”  It’s that simple.  We’ll randomly select 5 winners from the entrants.  Contest open to all.  Closes April 28.


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