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7 Ways to Brighten Up Your Living Room with Rugs

The living room is a space in your home where you gather with friends and family. It’s the perfect place to share memories, relax, and enjoy one another’s company. If you’re looking for ways to brighten up this vital space in your house, then we have just the solution; A Rug! We all know that rugs are a great way to add personality and color to any room in the home. They can be used to complement existing decor, or they can be used as the main attraction of your living space. For some new and inspiring ideas on how to brighten up your living room with rugs, then check out these tips below!

Choose a Color Scheme

The best idea to brighten up your living room with rugs is by choosing a color scheme. Mix and match different colors or choose one dominant hue that will bring everything together! The colors you choose should depend on the decor you currently have in your room. Choose some affordable and best colorful rugs according to the color of your walls and furniture. Your rugs should also help to tie in with the color scheme of your room. The more vibrant they are, the more your room will stand out! Consider choosing a solid color for a cheaper option that can still brighten up your living room with rugs. You can then bring in different shades of that same hue to mix and match until it’s perfect for you! This is also ideal if you want to change things up in the future.

Add Some Patterns and Prints

Another great way to brighten up your living room with rugs is by adding some patterns or prints. If you’re looking for something that can add a creative touch, then consider choosing an abstract design rug instead of one with borders or a bold pattern. And remember, the more patterns you add to your living room with rugs, the happier it’ll be! But don’t go insane with prints because they could affect the overall look of your living room.

Bring In Some Color

To introduce some color into your living room with rugs, try using a brightly colored rug as an accent piece instead of going all out and buying new furniture or painting walls. When selecting your living room with rugs, remember that some colors go better with specific patterns than others. For example, an intricate floral pattern would look best paired with a solid rug in one of the same colors as the pattern (i.e., red, blue, or green).

If you’re looking for something that can add a creative touch to your living room decor, then consider choosing an abstract print. This is especially popular in modern living rooms. Still, thanks to the popularity of conceptual art among people who like unique decor, this trend has caught on with other homeowners.

Experimenting is Awesome

To add some excitement, statement, and energy into your living room with rugs, choose a rug that features several colors or patterns blended rather than one solid color or design. Experiments are always surprising. You can re-dye an old rug, or you can find something at a thrift store to make your living room more attractive. Rugs brighten up any space! No matter what color scheme you favor when decorating, there is bound to be a rug that will match perfectly. You can experiment with different shapes and styles to create the perfect look for your living room. You can also experiment with different sizes to see which works best!

Add a Rug from Your Childhood or One That You Love

Did you have an old favorite rug when you were a kid? Maybe one that was always in your bedroom growing up and has great memories attached to it? Why not bring that rug into your living room and enjoy the memories each time you look at it? Or, if there is a specific color scheme or style of rug from your childhood that always stood out to you as absolutely excellent, go ahead and use those vibes in your living room!

Photo by Sina Saadatmand on Unsplash
Photo by Sina Saadatmand on Unsplash

Mix and Match Patterns

If you’re not feeling the color scheme thing, try mixing patterns instead! Mixing different designs can create a fun, modern look in your living room. You can also experiment with contrasting colors or textures for an eclectic feel that’s sure to be noticed! The living room rugs can add personality and style to the place without taking up too much space. Having smaller rooms can be limiting in some ways when it comes to decorating them with rugs. However, don’t worry about that anymore! Small rugs will give your living room character and won’t take up so much space. Rugs will make your living room feel like a home! The best part about rugs? They can be changed and updated easily to suit any style or design scheme you may have in the future.

Choose an Inspirational Design

Another great way to brighten up your living room with rugs is by choosing an inspirational design. The style of the rug can make a massive difference in the appearance of your living room. To brighten up your home, choose an inspirational design with warm colors like reds and oranges, for instance. Choose a rug with a floral design in any color you want to brighten up your living room.

Don’t Choose Too Many Colors or Patterns.

Don’t choose too many colors or patterns to make the space look busy and cluttered when choosing rugs. For example, if you have tiles or wood floors in your living room, don’t choose a rug with a dynamic design in two different colors. This will make your living room look more cluttered, and you probably won’t be able to tell the rugs apart from each other.

Layer it Up

The living room is the right place for layering rugs. You can use smaller rugs to layer on top of the larger rug, which will make your living room look more finished and complete. Also, layering different patterns creates a noticeable contrast that is not too distracting or busy looking. You can even layer up different textures to create a more versatile look.

Mix Patterns & Colors

It’s okay if your living room is filled with patterns from top to bottom because that’s what will make it so unique and eye-catching. But, you have to be careful not to overdo the patterns because if your living room looks too chaotic or busy, then that’s what people will see when they look at your home decorating style. If you want a certain patterned rug in your living room but don’t know whether or not it will fit with the rest of your living room décor, combine two different patterns so that they complement each other.

In the End

The rug is an essential piece of any living room. From traditional to contemporary, there are so many different styles and colors out there for you to choose from. And with the holidays coming up, it’s time to start looking at your home decor! If you need some help deciding on a style or color scheme, we recommend checking out RugKnots first. They have affordable rugs in all shapes and sizes that can brighten up any space this holiday season!

Featured Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash