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Bachelor Pad Essentials

Bachelor Pad
Photo by Daniel DiNuzzo on Unsplash

Bachelor Pad Essentials

Every single man wants to have a rock-in’ sweet bachelor pad. They don’t always consider the complications involved. From experience, I can tell you that the more stuff you have, the tougher it is to keep your place clean, organized, and uncluttered. So while you should feel free to furnish the bachelor pad of your dreams, it’s best for you to guard against excess.

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Photo by Daniel DiNuzzo on Unsplash

The essentials of any lad pad are a good bed and a good couch. Be sure to purchase a mattress that you find really comfortable. The couch should appear attractive to you and go with the style of your pad. And of course, it needs to be absolutely comfy for sitting on. Then you need a coffee table and a couple of chairs—just make sure they match the couch and the room.

I consider home entertainment important, and I generally prioritize installing a state-of-the-art sound system. Sound is versatile, and beside the enjoyment you can get out of music and video, you can use sound to set the mood of the room—whether you’re arranging for a romantic atmosphere or establishing a meditative zone. Of course, you also want to have a cutting edge home cinema setup and probably a gaming console.

Don’t forget about lighting. One central light source is not enough, it lacks versatility and makes for a dull ambiance. Put in some spot lighting and place a few lamps where they’ll come in handy. Install dimmer switches, that will allow you to control the room’s ambiance.

Keep decor to a minimum, unless you’re a design pro. It’s very easy for a place to get cluttered, and one good way to avoid that is to have a less busy room design. Less is more, as they say. Do have some art on your walls—it’s classy and it impresses the ladies.

For real luxury, you might consider putting in a sauna, a massage chair, perhaps even a vitality pool. There are companies that specialize in outfitting your home with such spa-like features. Design For Leisure is one such company. With their help, you can enjoy having a sauna in your own place, which would make it the ultimate lad pad. Not ready to commit to a full sauna installation? You can still get a taste of the premium sauna experience with a DIY sauna kit.

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