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Why You Need A High End Steam Shower

Showers are great. Showers are awesome. I don’t think you have ever even met anybody who didn’t love to take a shower. They are truly one of life’s simple pleasures that we can not deny.

But let’s face it; not all showers are created equal. There are factors at play here. Some showers can even be kind of disappointing, to be honest. A top of the end shower, however, is something you will look forward to coming home to every day of your life.

When you are starting to do well and life and are in a position to finally start spending some of that hard-earned money on yourself and the things that you deserve in life, a luxury steam shower should be at or near the top of your list.  This is one of the major often overlooked factors as far as upgrades to your living space go, and one that really shouldn’t be neglected.

How should you choose a steam shower? It’s very easy. Get the biggest one your space will allow and spend as much as you can afford.


As you go up the roster of showers available, they not only get bigger, they add on several key features. Some of them have built in sound systems, compatible with Bluetooth, USB, FM radio, and other methods of communication for easy streaming of your favorite music. The higher end models have superior nozzles (including rain-shower delivery systems on some models) and steam delivery systems. Ambient lighting is also key to your own relaxation, and the fancier the model, the fancier the lighting can get. And last but not least, the fine degree of temperature control that one of those high end models offers you is not something to be overlooked.

Consider also the advantages of a hybrid tub/shower. Many of us have forgotten how nice it can be to just soak in a tub for half an hour or so, surrounded by the scents of high quality essential oils, being gently massaged by the built-in jets, and letting the hot water ease our muscles and joints into a higher state of relaxation.

Don’t put it off any longer. Get rid of that ratchet old shower that puts out water at whatever temperature it wants to, and get something proper in that bathroom. Something that will reward you for the purchase every day of your life.