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Padilla Dominus Robusto

Photo provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com
Photo provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com

When the wife takes one of those shopping trips south of the border and you end up as the chauffeur, make sure you take advantage of the situation and make a detour to a local cigar shop. In my case, being from Vancouver, I’m talking about the Fairhaven Smoke Shop. Set in the quaint tourist village of Fairhaven, near Bellingham, you can expect turn-of-the-century buildings and good restaurants – just the recipe to distract the lady from the true nature of the visit. On my most recent trip, Michael pointed me in the direction of a new arrival that he hadn’t tried but that had been getting a lot of press. The Padilla Dominus Robusto looked and felt amazing and I was sold.

Origin: Nicaragua

Build: Handmade with all Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper, binder, and filler.

Format: Robusto

Size: 127 x 20 mm (5″ x 50)

Price: $9 USD

Finding information of the Dominus was a little tricky because it’s relatively new and the lady at their website won’t let me past the front door. There are some informative reviews out there, like Barry’s at acigarsmoker.com.  Padilla is touting this as their strongest blend, and Padilla is already known for bold flavours and copious volumes of smoke from their cigars. The price reflects this, although it’s still a deal if you’re from Canada.

The first thing I noticed about the Dominus is the reddish hue of the oily wrapper which truly imparts an earthy, soothing appearance. After lighting, the first few puffs were a ltttle hot and spicy, but the cigar quickly settled down into a strong but smooth smoke. Sweet earthy flavours were the theme, with everything from toasted cononut to cocoa and coffee bean. There was never a hint of pepper throughout the entire cigar. The final third is intense and picks up some leathery notes, which is about the time the cigar first ashed. I suspect with a bit more skill and not setting the cigar down it would not have ashed at all. This iron fist in a velvet glove was a great smoking experience, and I certainly plan on purchasing more.

Photo provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com
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