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Don Pepin Garcia Blue Lancero

Photo provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com
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Photo provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com

The lancero can be a joy to smoke in those times where you want a nice long smoke but desire to explore the delicate aroma of the wrapper and focus less on the heavy body from the filler. Whenever I grab one, however, I always get nervous because I’ve had more difficulties in smoking this vitola than in any other cigar shape. Obviously there is some skill required from the cigar roller to get an even fill all the way along a 7.5 inch cigar this skinny (under 40 guage) and this seems to result in a common occurrence of low quality cigars. The most common problem is at the half-way point or so of the smoke the draw becomes irreconcilably tight, forcing some sour flavours and eventually leading to me abandoning the cigar. When the lancero is done right, presumably from a reputable producer such as Don Pepin Garcia, this type of cigar should provide a low-key but still nicely extended smoking experience.

Origin: Nicaragua

IMG 2330 1024x576 - Don Pepin Garcia Blue Lancero
Photo provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com

Build: Handmade with Corojo Oscuro wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler

Format: Lancero

Size: 7.5″ x 38

Price: $12 USD

Pre-light, the Blue Label lancero has a noticeable consistent construction and fill along its entire length. The wrapper is dark and rich, smelling sweet and drawing the eye all the way down towards the twist at the end. I’ve smoked 3 of these all the way to the nub over the last few months and been very impressed by how this cigar answers the usual questions asked of lanceros. Tight inconsistent draw? Avery slight tight spot leading into the final third in 1 of the 3but otherwise a picture perfect draw. Lack of smoke volume? The smoke started a little soft but really started billowing after the first few puffs despite never becoming truly full-bodied. Lean flavours dominated by monotone wrapper notes? Complex sweet graham flour was the theme of this cigar, and was reminiscent of a speyside scotch with gentle finish. The flavours build in intensity slightly in the final parts of the cigar but deftly avoid becoming bitter or sour. It is really unusual actually how this cigar doesn’t seem to get heavier as it gets close to the nub, even if it is smoked too fast. Overall, I feel that the Don Pepin Garcia Blue Lancero is a casual cigar to smoke in moments of leisure that last well over an hour, when you don’t want a cigar that will bruise your palate but will still entice your taste buds all the way along.

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