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Cigars In Review Magazine Launch

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A few months ago I was approached to write in a forthcoming cigar magazine entitled “Cigars In Review.”  I happily agreed, and the inaugural issue of Cigars In Review is now available online or at your favourite tobacco shop.  If your local shop does not carry it, ask them to!  Here’s a snippet of the article I wrote on shopping for a cigar ashtray.

When I started smoking cigars, I dove in head over heals, spending copious time and money on my newfound passion.  I stocked my recently acquired humidor, purchased a quality lighter and cutter, and made frequent visits to my local tobacconist to absorb any knowledge I could.  I loved every moment of my new hobby, and began to genuinely appreciate the cigar smoking experience. I smoked quite a few cigars those first months.  Alone.  I didn’t think much about it at the time: none of my friends were regular smokers, so the word `herf’ (referring to a get-together to smoke cigars) was not yet in my vocabulary.

Some time later, some friend and I organized a blind whisky tasting at my place, and we decided to finish off the evening with a cigar on the patio.  The whisky tasting went off without a hitch, and the time had come to move outside for a cigar.  Only after each attendee had selected a cigar and took a seat on the patio did I realize my error – I neglected to set up an ashtray.  I quickly furnished a bowl from the kitchen, but the cigars wouldn’t rest on it properly.  I tried a plate, but the ashes blew around in the wind. We ended up holding our cigars in hand, dumping ash all over my patio.  The next morning, after sweeping off the patio, I began my quest for the ultimate ashtray

You can see the rest by ordering the magazine on the Cigars In Review Magazine website.  Also, the first TAG ad (above) appears in the magazine.  Let us know what you think of it.  And yes, that is me in the suit.

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