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Woo Her with a Romantic Los Angeles Getaway

Santa Monica Pier
Photo by Scott Trento on Unsplash

The city of angels isn’t made just for wannabe starlets and overly zealous hipsters. L.A. can also be for lovers, too, and possibly the perfect place to make her fall for you all over again!

Los Angeles, California has a long standing history of being one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States, and with the right planning, it can be a perfect place for you to escape to with that special someone. With a sprawling and culturally diverse cityscape, there’s plenty for you and your lover to do and explore – all the while making romantic memories neither of you will soon forget. You can fly to Los Angeles by applying US ESTA Online.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier 1024x683 - Woo Her with a Romantic Los Angeles Getaway
Photo by Scott Trento on Unsplash

While the city of Los Angeles boasts many different tourist attractions for visitors to choose from, not all of them are necessarily romantic or ideal for a date. Santa Monica Pier, however, is certainly one of them.

Having played a role in almost every TV show and movie taking place in L.A., Santa Monica Pier is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. Indeed, this historic landmark is the only true amusement pier left in Southern California.

It’s also a lot of fun to visit, and the perfect place to spend the day (or evening) with your lover. Take a romantic ride on the solar powered Ferris wheel, stroll along the pier overlooking the ocean, and take in all the sites, sounds, and culture of that Santa Monica has to offer.

Griffith Observatory

Another exception to the rule of usually tacky tourist traps would be the impressive Griffith Observatory. Situated on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, the observatory is one of the best places to capture one of those perfect Hollywood sunsets with the one you love.

Boasting spectacular views of L.A., the site is popular with tourists and locals alike. Visitors can look through telescopes, explore exhibits, and even see live shows at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium. The stunning views also provide a perfect backdrop for the quintessential sentimental photo op, so make sure to have your camera with you!


Get out of the city by hitting the open road for a little road trip adventure and head Malibu, one of L.A. county’s most affluent and beautiful areas. Rent a convertible and drive with the top down along the Pacific Coast Highway, which runs along the beach and some of the most scenic views SoCal has to offer.

Spend the day sunbathing and surfing at one of Malibu’s gorgeous beaches, and then dine at one of the many renowned seaside restaurants found in the area.

You and your lover can also avoid the hassles of bad L.A. traffic by making a romantic overnight affair out of it the trip. Book your own private Malibu vacation rental, and enjoy a seaside bonfire for two under the stars.

Go See a Movie

Maybe it seems a bit predictable or cliché, but going to see a movie in the town where films are made can truly be a one of a kind experience. For obvious reasons, L.A. has some of the coolest screening venues around. Choose from options like moonlight movies on the beach held in Long Beach, various modern and vintage drive-in style theatres throughout the area, poolside cinema held at Mr. C in Beverly Hills, and my personal favorite, the Cinespia Cemetery screenings.

The Cinespia screenings are held at the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery where tinsel town’s finest are laid to rest. In fact, taking in a film here is considered a true Los Angeles right of passage, so show up early as the grounds tend to fill up fast.

Easily make it a full-blown dream date by thinking ahead, grabbing a bottle of wine, packing a delicious picnic, and a cozy blanket to spread out on. You and your sweetheart are sure to never think of dinner and movie the same way again.

Your Own Ridiculous RomCom

With so much to choose from, Los Angeles can be a challenge to navigate, especially when you’re trying to impress that special someone. But with a little research and by following your heart, L.A. can provide a backdrop for you and your beau to experience a romance that feels as magical as it looks in the movies. Who knows, if you end up in the right place at the right time, you it might even land in the tabloids.

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