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Entertaining For Guys: Fun Social Gatherings You Can Throw At Home

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Having your own place really is fantastic. Being able to entertain and have friends over is one of the greatest joys of adulthood, and keeping in close contact with our nearest and dearest is always important. But rather than simply lounging around with a drink in your hands, why not set up regular parties or social gatherings at home? It’s a fun way to get everyone together and one of the best ways to enjoy your home. Here are a few ideas to consider!

Movie Night

Want a relaxed night with your pals or your family? A movie night could be the way to go. And with an epic entertainment system, everyone in your circle will always want to socialize at your place! A big-screen tv and comfy cinema seating is a must in any man cave or bachelor pad, and we all know the importance of a good sound system. To take things a step further, install blackout blinds or curtains at the windows for the best effect. If you’re lucky enough to have one room that is dedicated to watching movies (such as a man cave or home cinema), painting the ceiling and walls a dark color will look even better. It will really give you the feeling of being at the movies! Instead of a TV, a projector would work well and means you get an even bigger viewing of your favorite films. You could stock up on some all-time favorite DVDs or use a streaming service like Netflix to see what’s available. This is especially great at times like Halloween when you can go through and watch all of the old scary classics. Another thing you can do in front of the TV with friends is watching sports. Next time there’s a big boxing match, football game or anything else that you and your friends like to watch, host a party at yours. Plenty of snacks, drinks, and places for everyone to lounge and have fun.

Gaming Night

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If you’re into console gaming, again, your entertainment system will come in useful here. Virtual reality gaming has taken off and could be a fun addition to your party if you invest in a headset. If you’re into RPG games you could set up a table with your board and equipment, or you could host a night where you play poker, darts, and even pool if you have a table. Run a couple of matches, have some drinks, and have a laugh- you could even place a few bets or just enjoy the friendly competition. If the weather is nice, you could even buy some giant lawn games to play outside or hire some inflatables! Inflatable sumo suits and gladiator games make for a unique party that’s sure to go down well.

Dinner Party

Knowing how to cook is one of the most important skills to have as an adult. After all, living on takeout and ready meals are expensive and unhealthy- seriously bad news for your waistline. Whether you’re a keen cook or just want to try out a new recipe, inviting friends over for a dinner party is always a dignified and enjoyable way to socialize. Plan out your menu. Usually, three courses are served so choose a starter, main, and dessert that work well together. If you don’t throw dinner parties often, choose dishes that can be prepared ahead of time. For example, soup for starters can be prepared in advance and reheated when your guests arrive, and many desserts can chill in the fridge for a day beforehand. That way you only have to focus on getting the main cooked and plated up. Choose a wine that works well with the food for the best effect.

Tasting Party

If cooking is off the agenda, you can still host with food and drink by throwing a tasting party. Wine, spirits, beer, cheese, whatever you fancy all work well. It can even be done with cigars if that’s your preference. It makes for a fun gathering that’s a little different from a regular night of drinking or eating. You all get to try lots of new things, and it can make for interesting conversation. For example, if you’re serving cheese, you could display epic cheese boards containing crackers and complementing fruit. If you’re serving drinks, ensure you have the correct glassware. Nothing will bring down the classy feel of your party like having to drink out of a mug where you ran out of glasses!

Date Night

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If you have a special someone that you want to invite over, hosting the perfect date night is sure to win them over. Spend some time researching a recipe and put your cooking skills to the test. Buy some good wine, and dress the table properly. Light some candles and play some soft background music to make the atmosphere extra romantic. If it’s the first time your date will be seeing your pad, make sure it’s up to scratch. Piles of laundry, dishes in the sink or the smell of bins isn’t going to go down well! Have a good clean, open the windows and make sure everything is tidy such as your bed is made properly. That way if they ask for a tour of your place you’re not going to be embarrassed! A woman will notice how your place is decorated, so if you’ve been meaning to freshen things up a little, then this is a good excuse to do so. Have some fail-safe movies on hand in case she stays after dinner, a blanket and some cushions on the sofa will keep things extra comfortable. If you have a close friend who has a partner, hosting a double date is also something to consider. It’s a great, intimate way to get to know each other’s partners and can also make it a little less awkward if you’re just started dating! Just make sure you have double of everything when you’re setting it all up.

Pool Party

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool at home, why not take full advantage? Make sure you have enough loungers and plenty of pool floats. You get to get some fresh air, top up your tan and make the most of the summer weather with your nearest and dearest. Serve up some festive summer cocktails or ice-cold beers, along with some fuss-free finger food. You’re not going to want anything too heavy when you’re sat out in the sun, so some light bites will do the trick.

Fancy Dress Party

If one of your group is having a birthday party, why not host it at your place? Ask guests to wear fancy dress and prepare for a hilarious night to follow. If you’re dressing up based on a theme, you could decorate and prepare food and drink to match. Since everyone will be dressing up and making an effort, you could even hire a photo booth. Lots of companies up and down the country offer this, and take professional pictures as well as provide props which would make a good reminder of the occasion. Alternatively, you could make your own, a plain white wall or white sheet hung up makes a backdrop. And you can buy various props cheaply from dollar stores or on eBay.


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Everyone knows that a man’s place on a sunny day is in front of the grill! Stock up on plenty of meat, vegetables, charcoal, and drinks and get everyone around for an afternoon of tasty food and conversation. When you’re hosting a barbecue, you need to make sure your grill is big enough for the amount of people you’re inviting. You also need enough seating, if you don’t want to splash out on all new patio furniture you could lay out some blankets and outdoor cushions on the grass. If your party is likely to continue through to the evening, consider how people will stay warm. You could invest in a load of cozy yet inexpensive blankets, or light a fire. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits also work well, and you can toast marshmallows on them in the evening! You could whip up a big batch of hot chocolate in the slow cooker and serve it later on too when it starts cooling down.

So there you have it, just a few of the ways you can get everyone together and entertain right from your own home. If you entertain a lot, it’s useful to have plenty of seating and especially a dishwasher to help you get through all of the glasses and plates the next morning! A separate fridge for drinks like champagne, beer or wine that you can stock up is also handy and means you’re always prepared for any occasion.

Do you throw parties at home? What kind of events do you host most often?

Featured Image by Deborah Breen Whiting from Pixabay