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Urban Adventure: Downtown Tampa, Florida

Downtown Tampa
Photo by Kody Cheyne on Unsplash

For a combination of sand, sun and concrete, nothing beats the pleasure of roaming the streets and the beaches of Tampa, one of the largest cities in Florida. Unlike the winter stricken cities of the US, Tampa enjoys a humid subtropical climate that’s why you see plenty of naked coeds partying on the beach to either enjoy their break or escape the extreme heat and humidity that at times can be unpleasant for both the locals and the tourists. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to secure your ESTA Visa for a smooth travel experience.

There are 5 districts in Tampa but for this tour, I’d like to focus in the Downtown area only. Trust me, your day will not be enough to fully soak yourself in the eclectic atmosphere of this fantastic travel destination.

First on the list is the Channelside, serving as an entertainment complex. You can find various upscale restaurants here with mid-range chain restaurants as well like your favorite McDonalds. Typical of a city experience, you can quite do a lot of the same things plus the warm ambience only found in Tampa. You can even be on your tropical attire since the temperature during summer can really be hot. There’s a bowling alley, an IMAX theater and of course fabulous bars too. Oh, and don’t forget to reserve if you want to hangout with your friends on the bowling alley, this place is quite very popular among the locals too.

Now, if you have children traveling with you, the best place to drop them is the marvelous Florida Aquarium on 701 Channelside Drive then you can resume your bar tour. Nah, this fabulous aquarium is perfect for everyone, it’s kind of a complete package since you don’t have to get out to find restaurants and whatnots.

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There’s a museum too, the Tampa Museum of Art. This is quite new and most of exhibited arts are either modern or very contemporary in nature. If you have good eye for the arts though, chances are you’re going to see plenty of wonderful works of art here.

If your date is simply classy, sort of highly sophisticated, well you can turn the odds on your favor by visiting the

Tampa Theatre on 711 Franklin Street. Being a historic place, the ambience is simply electric and romantic, you get to have uplifted moods even by just being around magnificent and stunning architectures. It is a historic landmark, alright and it’s a busy place too. There are plenty of entertainment choices, from classic movies to documentary films shown in a daily basis.

Up your nightlife with Tampa’s novel idea of partying zen like. Head to the Davis Islands and Harbour Island just adjacent to the downtown area. These tiny islands sports breathtaking waterfronts perfect for strolling and more intimate activities. This is the romantic place in Tampa, away from alcohol and whatnots although they’re just around if you want them. You can also find various stunning historical establishments here such as a housing stock.

Have fun exploring Downtown Tampa.

Featured Photo by Kody Cheyne on Unsplash

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