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Luggage Storage Options While Traveling

Luggage Storage Options While Traveling
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Luggage Storage Options While Traveling

As a frequent flyer, I have missed or had long layovers at various airports around the world. I oftentimes take advantage of layovers while traveling to international destinations; I will purposely create a 12+ hour layover to take advantage of being in a foreign city I have never visited before. By booking an extended layover, I am able to include an extra city in my itinerary without costing more money on a flight. The only problem is what I do with my luggage while sightseeing. During these planned or unplanned layovers, whether expected or unexpected, the last thing I want to do is cart my luggage all over the airport or in town while I wait for my next flight. Most of us have experienced something like this in the past, usually due to flight delay or long international layover, but what are your luggage storage options?

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When you find yourself in such a situation, there is one problem, which is where you will store your luggage. This is where luggage storage services come in. There are several options for you to store your luggage while you get out of the airport or simply store your luggage while waiting for your next flight — the main reason being that you can be free from the extra weight and enjoy your time. If your flight was delayed for some reason, you could make the situation less stressful since your luggage will be stored in a secure location so you can enjoy yourself since you will not have to worry about carting your luggage around. You will also be assured that your luggage will be safe while you are sightseeing or relaxing. There are several options available for those who want to keep their luggage with the guarantee that it will be safe and intact when you get back. If you want to leave your baggage behind, these are some options you can consider.


Most large airports have a luggage storage facility. You can check your bags in for different lengths of time as long; rates vary by location. Before you leave your luggage, you should ask when they open and close as some airport luggage storage are not available 24 hours a day. If your layover is short, you can leave your bags for at least four hours before your flight departure time.

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Train stations

If you are traveling using a train, you can consider leaving your bags at the parcel check station. Some stations hold luggage for their customers for a small fee. Take advantage of your extra time and leave your bags and enjoy sightseeing without a care in the world. However, if you are not traveling by train and you want to store your luggage there, you might consider buying a ticket as the service is usually available for customers only.


Most hotels offer to look after your luggage after you have checked out. They may charge a small fee, and if not, you are expected to leave a tip. There are even hotels that will let you store your luggage with them for a fee, even if you had not booked with them. However, you need to check with the reception to see if they offer the service.

Most of the hotels have websites where you can find out all the information and decide where you want to go. Day Break Hotels has made it easier for customers to store their luggage. All you need to do is indicate the city and choose the hotel that suits your storage needs. Just check your luggage in, and you are good to go. Remember, your luggage will be insured, and you can make the payment the day you come with your luggage. Your luggage can be safely stored at very low rates without compromising the security of your belongings.

Additional benefits of using Day Break Hotels are that you can enjoy additional services the hotel has available at affordable rates. While storing your luggage, you can go to the spa and even have access to the day rooms. You can freshen up and relax, knowing your property is safe and sound.

Luggage storage businesses

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There are several companies that offer luggage storage services with different businesses. They arrange from cafes, department stores, among others. For this, you will need to do your research and find out where you can drop your luggage. The businesses offer daily storage services at different rates and depending on the quantity of your luggage.

Tips when using luggage storage services

Before you leave your luggage somewhere, there are things you should know.

  • Do your research, look at reviews, and ask around before settling on a place. This is important as you will trust them with your valuables.
  • You need to find out if there are luggage storage options at your destination.
  • Read the fine print and see the items they allow and do not allow to be stored.
  • If you choose to leave your things in a hotel, it is polite to leave a tip, especially if they did not charge you for the extra service.

Having extra luggage with you can drag you down. However, the options listed here are available and will help relieve you of your load. With fewer luggage on you, you can be sure to have less stress and more time to have fun. It will also help you feel safe as you do not stand out with your luggage, making you a target for scammers. Next time you are on a trip, just book your luggage in and enjoy your time with less weight.



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