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Elegant Ways to Update and Decorate Your Rented Home

With millions of households across the world being rented, it’s hardly surprising that renters are always looking for ways to decorate their properties without compromising their deposit or creating issues between themselves and their landlords.

Every household should have the opportunity to make their home feel more like their personality, regardless of how long they will live at a particular residence. Unfortunately, rules, regulations, and strict tenancy agreements can get in the way of tenants putting their stamp on the property they’re renting. So, with this in mind – we’ve gathered some elegant yet discreet ways you can decorate your rented home without compromising your deposit. Read on to find out more.

Update the Walls

Those magnolia walls might need a little TLC, but painting or wallpapering feels like you’re throwing money away on something that, in the long run, only benefits the bank balance of your landlord. Thankfully, you can still update the walls in your property without causing damage by using photo wall tiles by Hello Canvas. These photo wall tiles are the perfect way to inject a little of your personality and your favorite memories onto the walls of your rented home.

These photo tiles are easy to install and don’t require any drilling or hammering to fit. They’re easy to rearrange and work wherever you choose, so when you do leave your rented home and move on, you’ll be able to take your favorite photo tiles with you without causing damage to the wallpaper or walls.  

Photo by Trend on Unsplash
Photo by Trend on Unsplash

Add Some Rugs

As a renter, you won’t have much control over the color or design of the flooring in your home. Whether you’re stuck with ugly, tired-looking carpets or floor tiles that require a little TLC, the state of the flooring in your rental property can quickly age your home and make it difficult to enjoy. Thankfully, the solution is simple! By adding multiple rugs of various thicknesses, styles or designs will help you put your stamp on your home, as well as hiding that flooring faux pas!

Dress Your Home with Plants

House plants have experienced a surge in popularity in the last year or so, and it’s easy to see why. They add a splash of color to every room, evoke a sense of freshness, purify the air and make us feel calm and collected. These reasons alone make them the perfect addition to your rented home – whether you choose real or fake plants, do some research about the benefits and add some greenery to your property.

Update Your Lighting

If the rooms in your home are illuminated by a single bulb hanging from the ceiling, then you’re probably used to dark corners, shadows, and gloom. Decorating your rented home can also mean updating the lighting situation in your property, so start by adding standing and table lamps in the areas that need a little help or string up fairy lights or LED candles for an extra cozy look.

Final Thoughts…

Decorating and updating your rented home is easy when your know-how. Consider the points above to restyle your rented property and preserve your deposit! 

Featured Photo by Bianca Ackermann on Unsplash