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5 Products Whose Ingredients You Should Always Read

5 Products Whose Ingredients You Should Always Read
Image by Shaun F from Pixabay

The world of cosmetics and beauty products is enormous, and there are many things that we all use, which range from commonly used items like soaps to makeup and more. Most of us hardly ever look at the ingredients and tend to purchase products based on whatever information is displayed on the cover, but that’s a major mistake. Did you know that many of the items that we commonly use have tended to have a harmful and irritating ingredient that can damage your skin? 

But checking the ingredient list of every single product isn’t always possible. So what do you do?

In this article, we’re listing down five products whose ingredient list you need to check so that your body and skin are safe. 

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of these essential parts of every person’s skincare routine. Regardless of the weather or season, sunscreen is essential. As you may already know, the skin gives out harmful UV rays, which can be highly damaging to the skin and lead to increased aging, fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as increased chances of cancer. Tinsorb S and Tinsorb M, despite being common ingredients in European sunscreens, can be irritating to the skin, so can Octinoxate and Mexoryl SX. 

2. Deodorant 

People all over the world are avid users of deodorant in the form of roll-ons, deodorant sticks, sprays, and more. Though they tend to be largely harmless, many antiperspirants contain traces of aluminum. Even though the absorption rate for substances like aluminum is only about 0.01 percent, when you shave your underarms, this amount can go up, and research and studies have shown that the usage of aluminum-containing deodorants can lead to early-onset of breast cancer. So the importance of aluminum free deodorants for men and women is undeniable, and you should always check the ingredient list before making a purchase. 

3. Facial Serums 

Facial serums play a very important role in every person’s skincare routine. Depending on the ingredients they contain, facial serums help solve specialized concerns like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, dryness, acne, and more. A serum goes deep into the skin to deliver the molecules, which makes it highly effective. But if the serum contains the wrong ingredients, then it could lead to your problems worsening. One important ingredient to avoid in serums is fragrance, as almost all kinds of fragrances tend to be highly irritating and can lead to skin problems. Natural oils like coconut oil are serum is another no-no. 

4. Cleansers 

Cleansers are another thing that every person needs, either in the form of soaps and body wash or facial cleansers. However, there are certain ingredients that you need to be wary of in cleansers as well. These substances, which include sulfates like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, tend to be highly stripping, irritating for the skin, and toxic for the environment. Nowadays, such ingredients have become obsolete and have been replaced by better alternatives. But even then, a large section of cleansers tend to contain these substances, so make sure to read the ingredient lists and steer clear of them

5. Hair Dye

Boxed hair dye is a very popular product, and you can find it on almost every person’s bathroom shelf or cosmetic drawer. However, most box dyes tend to contain a lot of problematic ingredients that can hurt your scalp’s skin and increase the chances of the development of certain illnesses. For instance, Toulene, a petrochemical solvent, is a common ingredient in most boxed hair dyes. However, this ingredient can affect the central nervous system and lead to headaches and dizziness. It can also be highly toxic to expecting mothers. To ensure the absence of Toulene and other harmful ingredients by thoroughly reading the ingredients. 

Featured Image by Shaun F from Pixabay