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How to Pack the Perfect Suitcase (Stress-Free)

Pack the Perfect Suitcase
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How to Pack the Perfect Suitcase (Stress-Free)

With the arrival of the holidays, suitcase panic sets in especially when you need to pack the perfect suitcase. So here are some valuable tips to prepare the best carry on suitcase with peace of mind. 

Start thinking about it at least a month in advance. If ​​packing your suitcase weighs heavily on you so much that it becomes something of an obsession, you should start thinking about it at least a month in advance. No, we are not exaggerating: we are just trying to be realistic. The more time you take, the more leeway you have to make the right choices and eventually change your mind. The possibility of packing in advance will help you to be calmer: the important thing is not to pack too much and reduce it at the last moment.

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Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Find out about the climate in your destination.

First, you must understand what kind of climate will welcome you when you land in the chosen location. Here, the classic guide and the internet can be of great help: search online and on sites that deal with weather forecasts. You will know whether to pack only light clothes or even include some sweaters if the weather is not particularly favorable. This is also true for footwear: it is better to avoid finding yourself in the rain armed with flip-flops.

Switch to lists and schemes

If you are a forgetful type with poor organizational skills, it is appropriate to resort to old but always useful “tricks” like notes. Make a list of essential things to pack, which you will update as new ideas come to mind. If you also have trouble arranging your clothes, move on to the next step: the patterns. They may seem superfluous and now “past” solutions, but they are always beneficial in reality.

Unique packing needs

If you’re like me and love adventure travel, you will find that you will need special cases for your skies, rifle, or archery gear.  When  you travel with your expensive bow and archery gear, by air, train, boat or car. You do not need to carry a hard bow case and a suitcase as there are some great travel bow case options from legendarchery.com.

Take a look at your closet.

An essential starting point, when you have to prepare a suitcase, is your wardrobe. Check that you have enough clothes suitable for your holiday, also rummaging in your drawers that usually remain abandoned (and which always reserves some surprises). And if you realize that you are missing a few things, maybe you should go and do some shopping. For this, we advise you to ship early so as not to run out of time.

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Think of a couple’s luggage

If you don’t go on vacation alone, you can always “lean” on the person who will accompany you, who is perhaps more reliable and has a greater practical sense. If it is a friend of yours, ask her if you can consult while preparing your suitcase, so that you can feel safer. Better still, if you are about to leave with your sweetheart: you can pack your bags together, and thus, you will avoid leaving something at home, perhaps essential for the trip.

Suppose you think you are a hopeless case, and you are aware that you will never be able to pack a suitcase properly, especially without stressing yourself at high levels. In that case, the only solution is a delegate to others. Of course, it must be someone reliable, who knows how to identify what is indispensable, but who above all knows you so well that he knows what you cannot do without, even at a distance of thousands of miles. 

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