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Getting Around Perth

Perth is a very modern and convenient city, and there are several options for getting around, in or out of style, at different times of the day etc.

The cheapest option by far would be walking. This is of course more advisable of you are centrally located, as the suburbs can obviously be harder to navigate by foot. The main advantage of walking is that you really get the time to take in the sights fully, as opposed to any other option. Make sure you have good shoes.

Walking is highly dependent on weather conditions also, as are other “open air” options such as cycling or skating. These are nice options as they allow you to take advantage of Perth’s extensive network of cycle and dual-use paths, especially those on the riverside.

Public transportation is also a good option in Perth. The system is clean and modern and fairly easy to understand, and in many cases is also FREE. It integrates trains and buses. This is an especially good option to avoid traffic at rush hour. The disadvantages of this are that public transportation doesn’t provide convenient access necessarily to all areas, and is going to be a lot slower than other options outside of rush hours.

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Of course you also have taxis and rideshare companies (Uber is brand new here, for example.) Rideshare is competing very favorably with traditional taxis in most cities in the world, and Perth seems not to be an exception. Of course, the big disadvantage of this mode of transportation is that you are paying for transportation “a la carte”, and it can add up. This is of course more true with traditional taxis, which in Perth have especially high surcharges. Try to avoid them at rush hour especially for this reason.

For getting to and from the airport (and between terminals), we recommend a service such as airport transfers perth by link airport. A limo really is your best option in these cases, if you can afford it, and it works out to cheaper than you may think. There are extra perks with these services, such as built-in wait times and free extra services like child seats, that just aren’t available any other way, or can be a real hassle.

So come to Perth and enjoy getting around any way you want to. It’s definitely a beautiful city to explore. We will be seeing you in Perth!