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Decorating Your Man-Cave

Whether it’s a basement, part of a basement, or some small studio apartment downtown, we all prize our man-caves. And we want to make them as amenable as possible. Here are some decoration options for you.

First, let’s look at general décor and the general feel of the place. We recommend dark subdued colors. You want the place to be your getaway from the rest of the world, so it should be very easy on the eyes no matter where you look at. Get rid of all the bright and/or ugly colors that may be staring back at you. Give your senses a rest.

This goes for the lighting too. By all means, it should be soft and warm. We recommend not going 100% digital but instead mixing at least some traditional incandescent lighting in as well. Sure, it may be a tad bit indulgent, but incandescent lighting goes right down into the infrared, and this is RELAXING for us.

Next, let’s look at the sofa. It should be as big as the space reasonably allows. Once again, the potential for relaxation is super key here. We are particularly fans of getting a nice big l-shaped sofa and jamming it in the corner.

Now for other options, I’d say the next most important item would be a proper wet bar. This can be stocked with your preferences; just make sure that if you are having guests that you provide a wide range of options. It should have a few stools as well of course, although most of the time should be spent on the sofa.

Now is also a great time to shop for flat-screen TVs, as the new OLED technology has just come out, allowing for sharper and better pictures and better color on the thinnest and most elegant screens yet. If you are on a more modest budget, you can also use this opportunity to get great deals on the previous generation of technology.

Finally, take the comfort factor to the absolute highest level with one of these amazing Insignia Steam Showers. This will allow you the maximum amount of relaxation, and also is an excellent place to get down with that special someone or more than one someone!

If you follow all of the above steps, you will be blessed with a man cave that is the envy of all man caves. If and when you decide to allow a woman or two in there, even she/they will have to be impressed.