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Be a Good Man, Take your Mum out to one of these Places

Now just because Mother’s Day has been and gone doesn’t mean you can just forget about her now until her birthday or Christmas. After all, your Mum expects to be spoilt on those days. But can you imagine her face if you surprised her with a spontaneous day out? There’s no time like the present so why not make the arrangements now to take her out somewhere nice this weekend and make a fuss of her. Here are just a few ideas that we think are guaranteed to earn you a few brownie points.

National Trust

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The National Trust charity was founded in 1895. Now over 120 years later they have acquired more than 350 historic houses, gardens and ancient monuments. No matter where you live in the UK there is guaranteed to be one near you. Guided tours of a historical mansion or a leisurely stroll through the forest are just a couple of ways to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon. On top of that, most National Trust venues are fully equipped with a tea room, so why not treat your Mum to an afternoon cream tea?



Your local bingo hall is always an option to take Mum. In fact, the chances are your Mum already has her own set of bingo daubers and has been itching for a chance to put them to good use. It’s always worth brushing up on your bingo knowledge beforehand. Joining in on the all the classic calls, that agonizing wait for that final number you need to complete a full house. It’s all part of the fun. Bingo can be a great way to spend more social time together, just be careful not to get too competitive.


The Zoo

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The chances are you have fond childhood memories of your parents taking you to the zoo, well now is your chance to return the favor. A day at the zoo could be the perfect parental bonding time, weather permitting of course. Plus there are now even more personalized zoo experiences than ever before. Maybe your Mum would enjoy being a zoo keeper for the day.


No matter how many times you’ve been to the nation’s capital before, there is always plenty to see and do in London. You can enjoy being tourists by going on an open-top bus tour or taking a trip on the ever popular London Eye. With a mixture of cultures there is a wide variety of cuisines should you decide to go out for lunch or dinner. You could also visit London’s fashionable West End and take in a show. Whether you and your Mum have a taste for the newest musical or a serious drama, there is something for everyone. Plus you can turn up shortly before show time and pick up unsold tickets at a discounted rate.

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