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Buying and Selling Men’s Fashion from a Designer Consignment Retail Outlet

Exquisite materials. High end labels. Uniquely stylish pieces. Often high end men’s fashion seems out of reach if you’re trying to stick with your budget, but it’s possible to score the latest designer styles for discounted prices at a designer consignment retail outlet. Not only can you buy consignment, you can choose to sell your designer pieces through a consignment boutique as well. Why shop consignment? How does it all work? Learn more about how buying and selling consignment can open up a whole new wardrobe to you.

Benefits of Buying Consignment Designer Men’s Fashion

Before you head off to the designer boutiques, consider looking for men’s fashion items at a designer consignment boutique first. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose to buy from a consignment retail outlet.

  • Benefit #1 – Big Savings – Instead of pulling out the credit card to afford this season’s apparel, it becomes much more affordable to choose items from your favorite designers when you shop consignment. Prices are greatly reduced, so you’ll save money and have an easier time sticking to your clothing budget.
  • Benefit #2 – Environmentally Friendly Shopping – Choosing to purchase preowned items doesn’t just help your bank account, it also helps the environment. Reusing items is one of the main principles of living an eco-friendly life. If you score the latest designer fashions while saving the earth – well, that’s just a bonus.
  • Benefit #3 – Shopping Convenience – Instead of shopping at multiple designer boutiques, heading to a designer consignment outlet allows shoppers to find a wide-variety of designers in one place. It’s convenient and can be a time saver.
  • Benefit #4 – New Items Come in Frequently – Consignment boutiques get new merchandise all the time. This means you’ll constantly find great fashionable items to choose from.

How the Selling Process Works

Not only can you buy men’s fashion items from a consignment store, you can also sell your own designer items to earn extra income. If you choose to sell your items with Couture USA, there are three unique selling options to choose from:

  • Consignment – You don’t get paid until after your items sell, but you’ll get the best payout if you choose this option.
  • Direct Purchase – If you want fast cash, this is your best choice. Payment is immediate, but you’ll get a lower rate than if you sell consignment.
  • Buy Back Program – You can sell your items back, getting as much as 70% of the price you paid originally. Payment is immediate, so it’s a great way to get cash quickly.

After sorting through your wardrobe and you’re ready to sell, it’s a quick, easy digital process that includes the following steps:

  • Request a Quote – Simply fill out a form and upload photos of your items. You’ll receive a reply within 48 hours, after Couture’s authenticity experts have reviewed your items.
  • Ship Items – Once you decide to go with an upfront purchase or consignment offer, complete and sign the seller contract.
  • Get Paid – After Couture receives your items, the authenticity experts will verify the condition of each piece and contact you to discuss payment for your items.

Why Sell Your Designer Items?

Why sell your designer shoes or clothing instead of building up clutter in your closet? Here are just a few reasons it makes sense to sell through a consignment outlet.

  • You Have Items You Don’t Really Like – Maybe you invested in a designer piece on impulse, but never wear it and now you’re going through buyer’s remorse. The good news is that you can recoup a lot of your investment by selling it through consignment.
  • Your Size Changed –  Did you recently lose a lot of weight and most of your designer jeans no longer fit? Earn money from clothes that no longer fit. You can sell your items and help fund some new purchases for your current size.
  • It’s Time to Move On – Perhaps you’re just tired of some of the designer items you already own. Your sense of style may have changed or maybe you’re just looking for something new. Refreshing your wardrobe can be rewarding through consignment shopping.
  • Earn extra income – All those designer men’s fashion items can be your ticket to earning extra quickly. Get a quote to learn how much money you may have hiding in your closet.