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Hidden Phone Tracker for Business Monitoring and Digital Parenting

Hidden Phone Tracker

There are good numbers of software that are used for business monitoring as well as for digital parenting. Use of such tools has increased as compared to the past. There are many reasons for it. Businesses are faced with serious threats regarding data security. Parents are worried about their children as they use the internet and social media apps. A phone tracker is the perfect option.

In this post, we will talk about the hidden phone tracker for business companies and parents. This is one app that parents and companies can use for their purposes. But the use of features and selection is different. So we have divided the post into two parts; one for business monitoring and the other for parenting.

Hidden Phone Tracker for Business Monitoring

Phone Tracker

It is important to understand why companies need phone trackers. The use of latest technology has helped companies improve their security. But at the same time, it has enabled hackers and employees to get better control over the data and machines. Hackers can easily hack computers and devices. Employees can be using company data for their personal benefits.

In order to improve business security, avoid data breaches, prevent hacking attacks and secure data- companies should use a spyware app. BlurSPY is the best option in this regard. The app offers a wide range of features that companies can use to protect their businesses and prevent attacks. This app keeps eyes on the staff and employees. Below are the features that companies can use for business monitoring.

  • Phone Call Tracking

This is a very useful feature when it comes to tracking phone calls of any person. Companies can use the app to monitor important phone calls of their employees and staff in case they have any doubts. With this feature, users can intercept and listen to live calls as well as record them anytime for later use. Blocking phone numbers is easy with this feature in order to prevent any harmful phone calls.

  • Message Tracking

Your employees might be stealing company data and sharing with others. For this reason, it becomes inevitable for the bosses to keep eyes on the phone activities of their employees. This will be just incomplete without monitoring the messages of the employees. This feature allows bosses to spy on all the sent and received text messages of their employees. You can also block any phone numbers to prevent messages.

  • GPS Location Tracker

Most of the banks these days’ use hidden trackers to spy on their employees. They use the phone trackers for tracking locations. Wherever the employees are, the bosses know about their locations, whereabouts and the places they visit. With this feature of BlurSPY app, companies will be able to track the live locations. The app also keeps records of weekly locations of the target persons in order to let the users know about their locations.

  • Internet History Monitoring

This feature is widely used by businesses and companies. There is no doubt that employees spend a lot of time on the internet. They use social media, waste time, watch videos, waste resources, and their output is reduced over time. But all this can be undone if the companies use BlurSPY app and the internet history tracking feature. You will be able to know the online activities of your staff, what they browse what sites they visit and if they are doing anything fishy.

  • Email Tracking

For a business company to protect its secret and data, email tracking on employees’ devices is important. With this feature, the bosses will have control over the emails of their staff. BlurSPY offers this feature that allows the companies to spy on emails, chats, and messages of their employees. You will be able to find out if there is anything wrong.

Hidden Phone Tracker for Digital Parenting

phone tracker for parent control

For parents, there are some serious issues when it comes to their children. Teens and kids use internet and phones excessively. Parents do their best to curb this habit but they are unable to do so. Teens don’t share such things with their parents. Sometimes, they share too many details, locations, photos and family pictures on social media sites. These things make them vulnerable to threats.

Social media and the internet have dangers for teens and kids. Cyberbullying has increased and it affects teens badly. Sexting is another issue that has grown due to social media and dating apps. For these reasons, parents need to improve their digital parenting with the help of android spy software. With this app, they will get a lot of useful features to spy on the phones of their devices. Let’s us talk about what features of BlurSPY parents can use.

  • Spy on Calls

Most of the teens have smartphones nowadays. They use the internet, make calls, play video games. Tracking phone calls can be helpful when it comes to improving digital parenting. The parents will be able to know who their kids are talking to. If they find any phone number that can be dangerous for the kids, parents can block it with BlurSPY and not get any more phone calls.

  • Check Messages

Sexting is a huge challenge for the parents. It is growing rapidly. Many parents have no idea about sexting. When teens use dating sites, they find their matches. They talk to them, share private photos, make video calls and even start sexual relationships. Sexting can be prevented if you get access to the messages of your kids. This can be done with the BlurSPY. You will have access to the messages of your kids and will be able to see their chats.


  • Hack Social Media

Social media addiction is seriously damaging the teens and kids. It leads to bullying, stalking and other issues. Teens face body shaming issues. They also develop a complex and can’t accept their own bodies. So parents should see social media use and it should be monitored with BlurSPY app. This feature allows parents to hack social media apps of their kids and see what they share, who they talk to and further steps can be taken to restrict social media use.

  • Monitor Phone

This feature is what all parents need in order to improve their digital parenting in this modern age. The feature allows parents to get access to the phone and see everything on the device. It includes checking apps installed, internet history, photos and images, contact list, what kind of audio and video files are saved and which apps the teens use the most. This feature can be helpful for the parents who are serious to get better control over their teens and protect them.

Conclusion – Phone Tracker

Business monitoring and better parenting are the need of the hour. These things can be outdone with BlurSPY app that is the best spy app in the market. It comes with many useful features, improves business data, helps parents in digital parenting and is very affordable.

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