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A Gentleman’s Paradise: The Amalfi Coast

Whether you are a traditional or modern gentleman you will still share many core values and interests.  Travelling will be high on your agenda as all gentlemen are cultural vulchers.  You crave knowledge and learning and love the slow pace of life to ponder, not procrastinate.  One of the best places for the gentleman to really surround himself with the small pleasures he desires is Italy, more specifically, the Amalfi Coast.

A wondrous stretch of coast on the southern tip of Italy, you will be rewarded with bright azure seas, beautiful scenery and incredibly smooth winding roads.  Small cliffside towns such as Positano offer you a traditional slice of Italian living and you can settle yourself down to write your journal in one of the many open top restaurants offering the day’s freshest catches.  There is this perfect mix of peace and relaxation however the Italians hustle and bustle their way through the small cobbled streets and along the beautiful beaches.  


You are the kind of man who likes to travel the footsteps of emperors and kings, the Amalfi coast is steeped in history and opulence.  Taking a trip to Pompei will give you a taste of the ancient romans with their mosaic baths and beautiful architecture.  The ruins here showing the devastation of Mount Vesuvius and her furious eruption.  Culture fix? Nailed.

One of the best ways to travel between the towns is taking to two wheels.  So take a few days to discover what are the best hybrid bikes for men, then hop on board and peddle your way gracefully along the coast.  However if you want a true taste of Italian life you need to hire a classic car and recreate the opening scene of The Italian Job.

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A suitably stylish road trip will give you the chance to get back to your traditional roots.  A convertible is perfectly suited to the Amalfi Coast.  You can really take in the environment and absorb the sights.  It will give you more freedom than a hardtop car and, because you are in Italy, you would be crazy not to keep your eye out for an Alfa Romeo Spyder.  

The Italians have an incredible style, so it’s the perfect place to really show your sartorial finesse.  Think linen suits and a panama hat.  A striped Oxford shirt perfectly borders the line between smart and casual.  If it is a particularly hot day then opt for a short sleeved Cuban collar.  You will look at home by the coast.

Of course luggage is an area you probably have nailed.  Italy is the perfect destination to break out your leather holdall or Globe Trotter suitcase.  Invest in well made leather luggage and you will look effortlessly stylish no matter where you travel.

Once you have enjoyed a long day of deepening your awareness, you can sit in one of the beautiful restaurants lining the small cobbled streets and enjoy an espresso whilst watching the world pass you by!

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