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Five Things To Do and See in Tenerife

Tenerife is a very popular European tourist destination, and with good reason. It has a lot to offer almost any conceivable type of tourist. I’m going to list just five of them to get your started. This may help you decide what you want to do first, or plan things with a tenerife map of island depending on where you are on the island at any given moment.

1) Bus Tour of the Island

This is a hop-on hop-off tour which means there are no big impositions on your schedule, which I personally find to be a pain on vacation. The route starts at the Plaza de España and has a flexible itinerary. Cost is $21 per person. And of course, if you see an area where you want to spend some time, just hop off and catch a later bus. All the convenience of driving a personal car without having to actually drive.

2) Go Get A Spa Session at a Thermal Spa

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I listed this one as #2 because the bus tour is easy and will me more popular with everybody, but this one is my personal favorite. Tenerife is a volcanic island and because of this it features hot springs. The mineral-rich water coming from these springs not only feels delicious on the body, it is extremely healthy. A wide menu of spa services are offered here, with varying costs.

3) Go Taste some Wine, All Day Long

Spain is considered by many to be a great foodie destination, and Tenerife certainly is no exception. This tour has a cost of $68 per person, which is really not that expensive considering that you can easily spend that or more just in the course of a normal day walking around and eating all your meals out, which is what you typically do in a place like this anyway. This tour gives you some structure, and the chance to experience the very best of what Tenerife has to offer as far as wine goes. A full four-course lunch is included, and between that and the wine you will be very full almost for sure. Transportation from your hotel to and from the city of Laguna and around two wineries is also included.

4) Go on a Jeep Ride of Teide National Park

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Cost is $57 per adult traveller. This is a half-day plan which takes you all through the wilderness of the national park, a UNESCO heritage site. Highly recommended for any and all nature lovers.

5) Go on a city tour of Santa Cruz

Along with option #1, these are the two budget options. This is another half-day plan which takes you through the city of Santa Cruz, its history, its architecture and its culture.

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