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Antarctic Cruises: For Those Who Have Done It All

Many of you reading this are going to be well travelled. Some of you may even be extremely well-travelled, the kind of well-travelled where you’ve had to go to the passport office because you’ve run out of space for stamps on your beloved passport.

But have you been to Antarctica yet. Unless you’ve been there as part of a scientific or military expedition, or been on something like these Antarctica cruises, the answer is probably know. We think that the truly seasoned traveller should be able to brag about having the “badge” of having visited all of the continents. But beside that obvious reason, there are more reasons  why you should visit this far-flung place of the world:


Fact: there is no where else on the planet where you can see a live penguin. Another more overlooked fact is that Antarctica is and almost certainly will remain the best spot in the planet for whale-watching, with the best frequency of sightings and the biggest diversity of species.

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Whether it’s the active volcano of Deception island (one of the few places you can actually get to the center of the caldera of an active volcano), or the breathtakingly beautiful cliff walls of the Lemaire Channel, the scenery of the region is unique and beautiful. You will get to see Nature in one of her aspects few people can boast of having experienced outside of a screen.


You can’t get further from the hustle and bustle of modern life than this. People who go on these cruises often comment that they found a whole other definition of what being relaxed is and can be. This sounds like the least significant reason when you read the words, but experiencing it, you may well find that this is actually the best reason of all for taking the plunge and going on a cruise. Kicking the “addiction” of the connectedness and constant sensory bombardment of modern life has been proven to be extremely healthy for people, and this cruise is an excellent way to accomplish exactly that, in the best setting possible. Stepping away from modern life can give you a whole new perspective on it!

So if you and your would-be travelling companions are people in the “been-there done-that” class, this is a great option for really quite literally broadening your horizons. People say that this voyage changes you permanently, changes you for the better. So are you ready for this brand new experience?

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