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Top Six Holiday Destinations In America

America has some of the most amazing holiday destinations in the world. Thousands of travelers visit annually, and some are tourists who never miss visiting the United States of America to marvel at some of its best attractions. The attractions range from national parks and big cities to beaches. Here are six of the most popular top holiday destinations in America worth adding to your holiday bucket list.

Maui is a place rich with a diverse culture, intriguing history, majestic wildlife, and captivating topography. It is one of the top destinations in Hawaii that has pristine beaches rich in fun activities. It is a place with a superb weather for the better part of the year so you can go lazy in one of its beaches such as Hookipa or Wailea.

Yosemite is an enormous size for of awe. It is a 1,200 square miles national park nestled in a valley and has daunting cliff faces, towering waterfalls, astounding rock formations, and sequoia trees that are thousands of years old. It is a place with an array of activities that take visitors close to nature.

New York City

Known as the Big Apple, New York is a city with a splendor that is as big as its size. It is a cool cosmopolitan where shopping, dining, and entertainments options come is as many different options as imaginable.

It is a scenic mountain town that is the perfect winter holiday destination as well as during the summer. Summers are ideal for hiking, and winters are the perfect time to go for some skiing. Aspen is not just about the mountains; the town also has enthralling museums and exciting festivals.


Las Vegas is America’s playground looked in a desert, Nevada. If you are thinking of visiting America’s top theme parks, then consider Las Vegas as the King of Theme Parks. Vegas’ awe will leave you overwhelmed and lost for choice, so have a solid itinerary of what you plan to do when in America’s Sin City.

The Grand Canyon
It is a natural wonder located in northern Arizona, and it gets more than four million visitors annually. As such, it may get crowded, but the tour-guide trips and various activities are a great way of enjoying the best of what the Grand Canyon is all about.

The above are just a few of the most popular holiday destinations in America. There is so much more to see when you visit any of these places as well as in any of the other popular destinations across the United States of America.

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