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Unusual Trips: Explore the World With These Exciting Holiday Ideas

Are you tired of typical luxurious holidays where everything is fairytale-like and stereotypical? Then you’re probably an adventurous type that loves to thrill seek. While most holidaymakers are content with sandy beaches and tourist attractions, there’s a lack of exploration and wonder. Instead of planning a regular holiday to a beach resort, check out a few of these exciting holiday ideas that are a far cry from the norm.

A Hunting Holiday

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to stalk the woods and hunt deer? There are hundreds of hunting trips that you can embark on around the world. From European destinations like France to the opposite side of the world in Australia, there’s a lot of choices for budding hunters to pick. You could hunt boars, deer, stags, or even buffalo.

Most hunting holidays consist of lodging, sightseeing, and of course, the hunt. Hunts usually take place during the evening and night, so if you’d prefer more sunlight then you should book a hunting holiday during the summer. Hunting holidays are supervised by trained hunters that will protect you and teach you how to stalk your prey, so it’s completely safe but there is always an inherent risk when hunting wild animals. Lodging usually consists of camps, but some locations might offer hotels.

It can easily be turned into a family holiday because you’ll be sightseeing and observing the local wildlife. However, your family needs to enjoy the outdoors and being surrounded by nature—there’s limited electricity when camping and no fast food.



Backpacking is the ultimate freedom holiday. You can go where you like, eat what you want, and socialize with locals. There’s no pre-planned destinations, no tourist attractions, and no tour guides. It’s recommended that you check online for a survival blog that’ll guide you on how to backpack.

The most common rule of backpacking is to pack light. You don’t want to haul around a heavy backpack, but you do need an extra set of clothes and emergency supplies if you plan to travel in remote and rural areas. It can be turned into a family holiday, but you’ll have more success backpacking in urban areas where emergency services and accommodation are more common.

Backpacking is all about freedom and exploration. Meet new people, make new friends, sample regional delicacies, and integrate with local communities. Don’t expect to be treated like a hotel guest in hostels and lodging areas, and you might end up camping outside for a couple of nights if you’re unable to find lodging. It’s a holiday full of mystery and unexpected situations, so be prepared!

Extreme Sports

If you love the idea of paragliding, skydiving, and mountain biking, then you might be interested in an extreme sports holiday. Whatever your tastes, there’s a destination that’s just right for you.

If you like mountain biking, then the rocky cliffs of the Himalayas would be a great fit for you. If you enjoy skydiving, then you could visit a location close to you or in your country inside of flying abroad. Beach areas like the Caribbean are great for watersports like surfing, and they usually make excellent locations for skydiving as well.

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