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5 Best Beaches In The Philippines You Will Love

The Philippines is made out of more than 7,000 different sized and shaped islands, so in order to choose the perfect holiday destination, you will have to spend a few evenings sitting nearby the computer reading other travelers comments.

But this time, to ease your travel planning, we and cheap hotels booking experts from Travel Ticker are going to tell you all about the five islands in the Philippines that have beaches that certainly won’t disappoint you.

Record-holding divers’ paradise

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Golden beaches of Puerto Galera are usually full of tourists who prefer staying in Manila because these beaches are easy to reach with a car driving from the capital city.

This area is also known for the record – here the marine wildlife in the costs is the highest density in the world. It is not surprising that divers so love Puerto Galera, so if you want to avoid those annoying masses of tourists, get here off-season – from July to March.

Back to the wild at the Cagayan Valley

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Palaui Island stretching Cagayan Valley is really like no other Philippine’s beaches because here nature is completely untouched by human hands.

In the surrounding area you will not find hotels or hostels, so if you want to stay here longer, you might need to camp on the bulk sand.

Not many of tourists dare to do that, but if you are not afraid of anything, night or two in this paradise on Earth might be the most fantastic time spent – the peace and quietness will let you forget about everything.

The best beach in the world

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Boracay Island is undoubtedly the most popular in the country. Here, thousands of visitors are attracted by fluffy white sand shores and crystal clear water.

District‘s became particularly famous in 2012 when local celebrity White Beach won the title to be the best beach in the world.

In addition to five-star luxury hotels, here is no shortage of accommodation option for all types of wallets and budget. So everyone can stop by here and enjoy pristine beach loved by many.

To catch the waves in Siargao Island

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Siargao Island name is definitely known for whose people who love to surf, because here annually and professional surfing competitions takes place. The reason behind this is pretty simple – the whole year round violent winds disturb the Pacific Ocean making it perfectly suitable for this extreme sport.

The best time to catch the waves on the island is from June to October. If extreme sports do not suit you, here you can also fish for a little bit too.

Fifty heat breathing coastlines 

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Palawan island beaches names are also found in the best beaches lists. The surrounding areas attract tourists with one of the richest ecosystems in the country – five types of forests embrace dozens of exotic bird species.

Still not convinced? The island can be proud of its year-round 90 degrees heat. So no matter which of the fifty beaches in Palawan you will choose, you can leave your socks and wool sweaters at home.

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