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The modern-day guide to acting like a gentleman

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Particularly during your younger years, it can be the buzzword in your vocabulary. However, it would be fair to say that becoming a gentleman has changed significantly over the last few years. Gone are the days where it’s all about puffing cigarettes and swigging whiskey. While these activities might be part of your pastimes, it’s by no means an essential requirement in becoming the G-word.

Instead, modern protocols dictate something else. Let’s now take a look at some tips that you can implement in a bid to become the modern-day gentleman.

You dress true to yourself (not the style magazines)

A quick look at male fashion trends shows just how much they have changed over the decades.

It could be said that we have now entered the most unique era when it comes to male fashion though. Sure, there will always be trends that change between seasons, but nowadays a gentleman is judged on how true he dresses to himself. In other words, no two modern-age gentleman are the same. They might shop in the same classy Covent Garden shops, but the outcome might be entirely different.

This is something that is completely accepted, with society open to accepting men who dress how they feel is best for them.

You are domesticated (specifically, in the kitchen)

We all know about the old stereotypes when it comes to gender. Fortunately, those days are coming to an end. This is something that the modern-day gentleman has to preach though – and it starts in the kitchen.

a perfect gentlemen

Nothing is seen as quite as gentleman-esque nowadays as a man being able to cook a good meal for his significant other. If he can combine this with cooking, cleaning and all of those chores that were once regarded as female-only, he is well and truly onto a winner in the eyes of society.

You hold doors open for everyone (not just your significant other)

This next point is all about how you treat other people. Some years ago, men may have held doors open – but only to those they knew, or perhaps were dating. Now, these rules apply to everyone.

In short, it’s not about just holding doors open, it’s about extending a common courtesy to everyone you come into contact with – whether you have crossed paths in the past or not.

You are straight with your intentions (there’s no confusion)

In what will be music to many ears, the days of playing games are over. The modern-day gent has to be straightforward with his intentions, so nobody ever questions what his true feelings really are. This is another one of those cases when it really is all about becoming a better person. Whether you intentionally aren’t direct in your conversations, or if you have used it to try and leverage for your advantage in the past, you shouldn’t do it. Be straight, be direct, and make sure that everyone knows what you are about without any questions asked.