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How to Style Big and Tall Men’s Clothing

How to Style Big and Tall Men’s Clothing
Photo by NATASHA LOIS from Pexels

Shopping for clothes isn’t much fun when you’re a big and tall man. Big and tall men tend to have a hard time finding anything that fits, so they can easily fall into the trap of thinking that looking stylish just isn’t an option for them.

But that’s just not true. When you’re a large man, it’s important to wear well-fitting, structured clothing that looks neat and polished. Choose clothing in the right colors and patterns to compliment your body, and wear the right accessories. It’s easy to look sloppy when you’re a large man wearing casual clothes and athleisure, so dress formally whenever you can. 

Solid Neutral Colors Look Best on Big Men

When you’re a big guy, you’re already visually imposing just by your size. Bright colors and loud patterns aren’t necessary to make you stand out when you’re big and tall. They can actually draw more attention to your torso, which isn’t something you want if you’re carrying a little extra weight. A simple outfit looks more polished and stylish, anyway.

Large men should minimize patterns and go for pieces in solid, neutral colors. That can include black and charcoal, navy blue, and brown. Dark colors are best and can include choices like olive green and burgundy. If you want to bring some more color to your look, grab something in one of the primary colors (yellow, blue, and red). Just don’t wear all three at the same time.

Of course, you may not want to avoid patterns entirely, but try to go for simple rather than busy patterns. Gingham, checks, and plaids are good choices.

Dress in Layers to Add Depth to Your Look

If you’re carrying a little extra weight around the middle, dressing in layers can add a structure and depth that will distract from the shape of your torso. You want structure, not volume, so look for clothes that frame your shape. Padded shoulders and lapels are good for balancing your shoulders with the rest of your torso if you have a larger belly. A v-neck or a button-down shirt will create a line that downplays the shape of the body underneath.

Fit Is Paramount

If you’re overweight, it can be tempting to try and hide your extra weight under baggy clothes. But if there’s already a little more of you to love, baggy clothes will just make you look bigger. And when you’re a big guy, baggy clothes can definitely feed into the “sloppy fat man” stereotype, which is the last thing you need. 

Your clothes should fit so that they’re skimming your body and outlining its shape without bulging, sagging, or wrinkling. Clothes should rest lightly on your body, neither adhering closely to your form nor hanging off your physique with visible extra fabric. 

You can buy big and tall men’s clothing from any department store, as long as you have a tailor you like to help you adjust the fit. You should always have your clothes tailored for optimal fit. It doesn’t cost much to have a shirt taken in at the waist, for example, and you’ll end up looking much better than you would have if you hadn’t.

Big Men Need Different Accessories

Big men need big accessories. Choose a large watch with a big, analog dial. Tuck a large fountain pen, one with some real weight to it, into your shirt pocket. Wear a wide tie with a big Windsor knot. Buy dress shirts that have spread collars, as they’ll balance out your face better and provide more room for your big tie. 

large man's watch
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Most importantly, if you have a belly, throw away your belts and switch to suspenders instead. Fastening a belt around the bottom of a beer belly and having it stay in place is almost impossible — it’ll just keep slipping down, leaving you yanking at your pants all the time. Suspenders resolve this problem. They also allow your trousers to drape correctly, rather than being all bunched up by a belt. And you’ll have to start buying a better quality of slacks because cheap slacks don’t have suspender buttons in them.

Skip the Gym Clothes Unless You’re Working Out

Shorts can make a big man’s legs look spindly compared to the rest of him, so try to avoid wearing them if you can. Casual and athleisure looks can also tend to look sloppy, which is something you want to avoid if you’re a bigger man. Dress more formally, with slacks and a button-down shirt, sweater, or polo shirt, unless you’re actually going for a workout. You can still pair cotton tees with jeans or slacks or throw on a hoodie over jeans if you want a more casual look.

Dressing well when you’re big and tall isn’t always easy, but half the battle is finding clothes that fit. Once you’ve found some brands you like, it’s all about choosing pieces that present your body in a flattering way, so you can look stylish in every situation.

Featured Photo by NATASHA LOIS from Pexels