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Tactical Vests; What you Need to Know

5.11 Tactical Vest
5.11 Tactical Vest

Everything You Need To Know About Tactical Vests

The way you choose your tactical vest depends entirely on what you need it for. Whether you are a part of some military team or a weened paintball-er, tactical vests are good for any situation. They aren’t just useful for a specific section of society. Anyone and everyone who cares about their own safety, as well as the safety of others, will surely opt for the perfect tactical Protection a vest offers

5.11 Tactical Vest
5.11 Tactical Vest

If you are planning to shop for the best vests for the year 2019, here are some of our top picks:

  • Ultimate Arms Gear (Budget Pick)
  • 5.11 Tactical Vest (Best In The Market)
  • KAS (Best Pick for the Kids)
  • Condor (Best for the Rifle Magazines)
  • Rothco Vest (Best for the Concealment Needs)

How can you choose a perfect tactical vest?

When it comes to tactical gear and vests, most of the buyers do not know where exactly to start. It is highly recommended that you go through this buying guide to ascertain your needs in terms of a tactical vest. 

1-Know your straps:

When purchasing a tactical vest, you need to know that there are two variants of straps. The first being a shoulder strap, and the second being a side strap. The former kind can easily be adjusted in terms of length if you feel that the tactical vest is a bit tight. On the other hand, the side straps are designed to ease the feel around your stomach and chest area. 

2-Analyse the Costs:

At times, the cost of a tactical vest can start from something less than $30 to a number as high as $90. The most critical factor that plays an important role in terms of pricing is the material used for the same along with craftsmanship, as well as the total number of pouches available. If you are in need of a budget vest with pouches, it is highly recommended that you go with the “Ultimate Arms Gear.” You can also pick the Pellor Tactical Vest, which is another budget option with available pouches. 


Rothco Ranger Vest
Rothco Ranger Vest

When purchasing vests, you will get four different color options, which include light brown, black, green, as well as camouflage color. While colors might not be important for some, others might find the unavailability of colors to be a major deal-breaker. 

4-Number of Pouches:

The number of pouches you get with the tactical vest plays an important role for the buyer. While some vests come with two pouches, others might house as many as 12. The pouches can be used to carry things such as rifle magazines, pistol magazines, radio, ID cards, hunting knife, first-aid kit, as well as a flashlight. 

Also, some vests are best used to carry ammunition for multiple magazines along with additional pouches for other items other than magazines. In addition, you will also have the option in some specific vests to install a level 4 body armor plate, for added protection. If you are looking for vests that cannot be spotted from the outside, then opt for tactical vests that are used for concealment.

Conclusion – Tactical Vests

Apart from these factors, you need to consider whether the material used is breathable and comes with a durable belt. Remember, the right variant of the tactical vest can even save your life if need be. 

In addition to this, there are some other factors which you should consider before deciding to buy this life-saving equipment. The tactical vest you choose must be able to cool you down, should be able to absorb rifle’s recoil, and should have a rescue drag handle.