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5 Ways to Earn in Tik Tok Fast

5 Ways to Earn in Tik Tok Fast
Image by Lorendiz Gonzalez from Pixabay

At first, Tik Tok gained popularity among teenagers who shared their videos of songs and dances. Now on the platform of users under the age of 18, only 17.3%, and the palette of video topics is very diverse: the authors help to learn history and foreign languages, tell how to choose wine or a bicycle, how to distinguish original sneakers from fakes, and even how to grow microgreens. Today we will tell you how to make money in Tik Tok, how a beginner can get income. For more info about what methods to use and how to become popular in Tik Tok – visit website tokrush.com.

1. Collaboration with brands.

This way of making money came to Tik Tok from Instagram.

When a thematic blog dedicated to, for example, cosmetics, or smartphones, or cars, etc., is gaining popularity, manufacturers of the corresponding product offer the author cooperation as an ambassador (agent of influence).

They supply it, for example, with clothes and shoes with their own brand. The author appears in the frame exclusively in these clothes and shoes, takes pictures of all kinds of goods, attends brand exhibitions and makes reports from there, etc. In a word, it does everything so that the logo, brand name, and its products appear openly or, as it were, by chance, appear in all photos and videos.

And the fans, seeing what their idol uses, try to imitate him in everything. The demand for goods is growing.

In fact, the blogger “sits on a salary” at the producer body, and this salary may not be small – hundreds of thousands a month. It strongly depends on the size of the audience that you can influence.

So you need to promote your account to a million subscribers and wait for the manufacturers to notice you. Better to take the initiative and seek their attention yourself.

2. Creation and sale of your own branded products.

This is the next stage after working as an ambassador. After examining the “kitchen” from the inside and determining what is in demand, you can offer the manufacturer to produce the same product, but under your brand.

For the manufacturer, this means an increase in demand. (What difference does it make to him what is written on the label, the main thing is that the profit is growing). Your fans will buy the same product in a different package because it has your brand (your name, your brand).

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Your benefit is that in this case, you will not receive a fixed salary but a percentage of the profit from the sale of goods under your brand. The more people buy it, the more you earn.

After being promoted on Instagram, some beauty bloggers began to promote their brand. For example, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg runs the Zoella blog and launches her beauty line, Zoella Beauty.

The active authors of Tik Tok follow the same path, only there are still much fewer of them, and there is a chance to “stake out” their niche in order to receive income in the coming years.

3. Promotion of your brand.

Coaches, business coaches, motivators, MLM leaders, psychologists, etc., income is highly dependent on promoting a personal brand (name). The more often their name flashes in the news, the more often it is heard. The higher the trust of potential customers, the more they are willing to pay for participation in training, webinars, symposia, and other paid events, as well as for personal consultations.

Tik Tok is one of the tools that allows you to make your name popular and quickly gain many followers and potential customers.

You just need to build the right associations from the beginning so that your brand is associated with your business and not with gags or frivolous clips.

4. Earnings through advertising.

TikTok has its advertising system, TikTok Ads, which is similar in its capabilities to the Facebook advertising network, which operates, among other things, on Instagram and Whatsapp.

It is currently only available to major advertisers such as Nike, Disney, and Grubhub. But this is not forever.

Over time, any user can advertise on Tik Tok and earn money with its help.

There are at least two ways to make money on advertising on Tik Tok:

Set up ads for other users (this is the job of the targeting specialist). Usually, it is paid either as a fixed amount per setup or as a percentage of advertising costs. Sell ​​goods or services through advertising through affiliate programs through CPA networks (traffic arbitrage). If you have experience and a sufficient budget, you can make hundreds or even thousands of orders per day. The payout for each confirmed order is usually about $7.

5. Earnings through Instagram.

This way of making money consists of the joint use of Tik Tok and Instagram and is based on the “overflow” of subscribers.

First, you need to figure out what will be on your Instagram that cannot be on Tik Tok and for which your subscribers will want to go to Instagram and subscribe.

This can be, for example, exciting videos more than a minute long posted on Instagram TV. Then in Tik Tok, you publish 15 – second fragments that end at the most interesting place. And every time you urge viewers to go to Instagram to watch the full version of the video.

Thus, you can “pour” some of the subscribers, promote your Instagram, and then make money on it in all known ways. You can read more about this here.

6. Earnings through YouTube.

These earnings are also based on the “overflow” of subscribers, but this time to your YouTube channel.

To do this, you can also give viewers “try” short clips to tease, force them to go to YouTube and watch the full videos.

How to start making money in Tik Tok?

First, you need to choose a topic in which you understand that you are interested and in which you are ready to develop in the next three years.

Then create an account and shoot videos, carefully analyzing the interests of your audience. For starters, you can simply repeat the successful clips of the popular Tiktoker, gradually developing your own style.

Having collected the first thousand followers, feel free to use one or several ways to make money in Tik Tok, described above. Be patient and persistent, and good luck awaits you!

Featured Image by Lorendiz Gonzalez from Pixabay