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Top Five Smart Home Gadgets

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We are in an age where you only have to say something for your wish to be granted by a speaking fridge, a bed that stops you from snoring, or security cameras that will make an emergency call during a break-in. In fact, in today’s society, there is enough advanced technology to get you through your entire day without having to lift a muscle.

  1. Smart House Security

 Protecting your family and home from break-ins has now become so much easier with technology for all types of protection. With advancing technology comes more tech-savvy burglars however without the need for a house power supply or a wifi connection, Verisure is one step ahead. Not only is it autonomous from wifi or your power supply, but it includes a sim card that contacts a dedicated alarm center immediately, and once verified, they send security officers to your home. The entire process happens within an average of 45 seconds. If that isn’t enough, you can also download the Verisure app to keep an eye on your home from anywhere, so you needn’t worry when you are away on a work trip or taking a holiday.

  1. Smart Home Speakers

 Home speakers such as the Amazon Echo will blow your mind. With voice activation technology, you just need to wake it up by shouting its “name”, in the Echo’s case, it is Alexa. Its main function is to play whatever music you fancy, however it has all sorts of impressive features. If you would like to make plans around the weather, Alexa will let you know hour by hour, what is forecast; if you want to schedule plans, Alexa will note down and revise back to you at a later point to make sure you are caught up. This music playing, the informative organizer is something we all want and need, even if it is simply to feel like Joaquin Pheonix in Her!

  1. Sleep Beds

 Ever have one of those nights where you just cannot get to sleep, well smart sleep beds designed with advanced technology are a thing now! It measures your heart rate to see how good of a sleep you are getting and moves the bed to improve your snoozing patterns! Furthermore, if you have a spouse that moans tirelessly about your snoring or if in fact, they are the monstrous snorer, this technology detects snoring and elevates the head to prevent it which means no more angry nudging! Did we mention it also has foot warmers! Good luck getting out of bed in the morning with this genius new product!

  1. Smart Lock

 To add to your home security, smart locks are a great new invention made to enhance the feeling of safety in your home. It grants you full control of your front door whether you are home or not with a connected app on your smartphone. Designed to work with your existing locks, these smart locks are easy to install and you can create custom entry codes for guests on the keypad and use the app to see who exactly has come through the door. With this new toy, it is going to be so much more difficult for the kids to sneak in past curfew.

  1. Innovative Fridges

No more worrying about who took the last bit of milk, or where your chocolate bar went when you have cameras on the inside of the fridge, taking images of whoever opens the door. You can also download the connected app, so if you are wondering what you need whilst walking around the shops, you can quickly check what is in the fridge. The interactive screens will also allow you to get recipes up whilst cooking, create schedules for school, and leave notes or videos to your family before heading out to work. You can even talk to your fridge and get it to call you an Uber if you are running late! Maybe slightly indulgent but who would not want a fridge with so many incredible features?

Living in an age where technology is growing faster than ever, investing in these smart home gadgets may help to protect your homes and provide fun and easy for the entire family.

Featured Image of Gerd Altmann in Pixabay

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