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Top 5 Movie Apps For Every Android & iOS Device

Imagine if you called up your local cable TV provider and asked them for free channels, what will be their reaction?? They’d probably laugh at you and ask you to stop joking and pay for the channels you watch. But with just three words you can have the solution to the above conundrum, those three words are ‘free online streaming’. All you need is a fast internet connection, a streaming video device like Chromecast, Roku, tablet or even your smartphone and you will have plenty of options to choose from without paying a single buck for the movies. Most people have no idea which free app to use and which app gives them better quality and better viewing experience. It leads to even the knowledgeable folks to waste hours of time searching for an appropriate app which leads to boredom and eventually they lose interest in watching movies on apps. Did you really think you will read this article and we will tell you to go search for free apps on your own?? You need not worry as below is a list of free apps which are excellent for streaming free movies online. Alternatively, you can check the below video for some cool apps that have some amazing features.


Top Legal Movie Apps For Android & iOS You Should Try

1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV works just like any other streaming service. You get a standard interface with rows of movies sorted on the basis of genres and topics. One little clever detail worth noticing in this app is that it has categories such as “Not on Netflix” and “highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes” which makes it really easy for users to find the best content in this app. The interface is easy to use on most of the platforms including Chromecast, Roku channel, Web browsers and most of the mobile apps with Android or iOS. It even remembers where you left off so that you can continue streaming even after an interval.

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2. SnagFilms

It is an ad-supported app with loads of indie movies, documentaries, TV shows and more. SnagFilms keeps some of the movies on its homepage for you to begin with and as you begin streaming movies, the app starts preparing a recommended list you for you to watch movies according to your viewing experience. It also has a section for the latest and most popular movies which help you stay up to date with the latest releases around the world. Snagfilms is one of those rare apps which lets you stream free movies which offering you HD content in 720p or even 1080p, which is great considering similar websites give you movies having standard DVD quality. SnagFilms works wonderfully well in Chromecast, Roku and most of the devices having Android or iOS.

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3. Crackle

Crackle is a free streaming service (with ads) provided by Sony and is well-known for its large collection of classic movies and Jerry Seinfeld’s original series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. This app has numerous features including personalized recommendations and lots of channels to flip through. Crackle might be one of the unique apps as here you can find arguably one of the best collections of Classic movies. It might fall short when it comes to latest and most popular ones but most apps that provide latest movies fail to provide Classic movies and not every app can provide everything. It works smoothly on various smart TVs, most of the smartphones and tablets having iOS or Android.

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4. Hotstar

The Hotstar app of Star India allows it viewers to watch TV shows, live sports and the latest movies free of charge on every Android and iOS smartphone. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true?? It provides excellent performance if you have an account however the only performance issue is that it adjusts the resolution according to the speed, meaning you are not guaranteed a good resolution all the time and once it stops streaming and shows an error, you will have to close the app, re-open it and find the same movie or TV show and play it again. When it comes to content, this app is like no other. Especially if you are from India, it provides you everything from your favourite TV show to the latest movies released and even the Live Cricket Match which you are unable to watch from your office or hotel room.

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5. Viewster

Viewster is a streaming website which allows you to easily find free movies and TV show without asking you to create an account for watching them. Everything on Viewster is free but the only disadvantage is that the resolution of most of the content is less than or similar to DVD quality movies. Another disadvantage is that it does not support widescreen and the videos will be displayed as a relatively small square in the centre of your screen. Viewster has free movies but it doesn’t have a lot of features like adding subtitles, downloading it for offline use, changing the resolution and more. Viewster works well on Chromecast and most devices having iOS and Android OS.

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In a perfect world Apple, Roku and other companies would be willing to open up their search tools such that any free streaming service would be able to bring its content to the world. But that is not the case and until it happens, you will have to surf the internet and look for apps. So, hit on few of these apps and start enjoying movies without any hassle.

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