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The Popularity of Cybersecurity

The Popularity of Cybersecurity
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In this article, we will talk about why cybersecurity is so popular today and why it is beneficial to pursue it. Suppose you talk about this field in terms of education and certifications alone. In that case, it has many advantages compared to other fields because it is very easy and quick to complete even though it’s highly technical. Cybersecurity education is designed to allow more students to pursue it and create more individuals who are skilled in this domain and who can help bridge the terrible skill gap that we are currently facing in the market. There is a very high demand for cybersecurity professionals (especially CEH V11 experts) across the world. In almost every industry, these professionals are required to protect the digital systems, network, and data. 

Digital devices need protection

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Today, most things around us are digital, and it goes without saying that they need constant protection from harm. Just because cyber attacks don’t happen to many individuals doesn’t mean that they are not rampant. Did you know that there is an attack every few seconds in the world? The truth is that every application, every game, every software, every hardware, and everything on the Internet has to be protected constantly. They need to be secure for people to use it and interact with it. We use many digital devices in our homes these days, and if they are not secure, we would be at great risk of identity theft, privacy loss, and other damages.

Cybersecurity education

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When we talk about cybersecurity education, we can say that even though it’s becoming increasingly popular today, it still has a long way to go. In many studies, it has been pointed out that the skill gap in this job market is too large and threatening for our future. However, the advantage of cybersecurity education is that it is easy and accessible for everyone. For example, anybody, including those who are not trained in computer science, can pursue this field. They can undertake courses which they can complete in a few days.  Ethical hacking course online training takes only 40 hours to complete! They can even get certified by reputed international bodies and start their career as an entry-level cybersecurity professional. Learning programming languages is not that tough and does not require you to be highly intelligent, unlike other scientific fields. If you have a working knowledge of how computers work, then you will do well in cybersecurity. Students can also choose to level up their skills by pursuing more certifications whenever they like, to get more experience in any industry of their preference because this field’s scope is quite amazing. 

Cybersecurity professionals recruitment

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IT companies are one of the topmost recruiters of cybersecurity professionals. The demand for these professionals is quite a lot in healthcare institutions, finance and banking institutions, and government bodies. Another advantage is that this job pays really nicely, even more than most other IT jobs. The vacancies are rising every year, and employers are ready to pay handsomely to candidates who can help them fill the gap and prevent cyber attacks. You should not take safety lightly. More and more organizations today are waking up to this fact and making cybersecurity one of their top business priorities by investing in it. Microsoft has recently announced that they will spend more than $1 billion annually on cybersecurity.


Lastly, as far as the future is concerned for those in this profession or will enter this profession, everything looks bright. Even with new technologies entering the market, the need for cybersecurity professionals will never go away. No matter how much we depend on machines to do our jobs, these professionals will always be needed to make those machines secure in the first place. 


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