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The latest trends in AI after a pandemic is over

Image by sujin soman from Pixabay

The latest trends in AI after a pandemic is over

The Covid-19 pandemic may be over soon with a vaccine’s arrival, but it would change our lives forever. Going back to offices and schools would not follow the same norms and practices we once had. Normalcy may return with its novelty. Work ethics may change, laws may be amended, keeping in mind any uncertainty, and networking ways will be altered. This pandemic has us realizing how old school we are, in following redundant and long processes and how inevitable technology and adaptation are. While those who put their trust in technology earlier are at ease now, the laggards have suffered dramatically. The latest trends in AI are coming and are already changing the way we use technology.

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Image by sujin soman from Pixabay

Covid-19 sent shockwaves across the globe to all major companies. Businesses that fuelled their operations with digitalization, online solutions started pouring in for them. They emerged from this health crisis through technological aid. Contactless operations, remote working, and ventures, and digital integration saved humankind. Artificial intelligence has helped businesses to address significant problems. From the identification of the coronavirus itself through AI solutions to work from home, AI has revolutionized everything. By incorporating AI into our digital operating models, let us have a look at future trends post the pandemic,

Personalization at its Best

It is by the smartness of the machine that it understands an individual’s choices and needs. Artificial intelligence in the forthcoming years would elaborately present personalization strategies. To help businesses comprehend and recognize a customer’s demands, the help of AI will be taken. Searches will be more accurate, filtered, and precise. To tap a more robust digital footprint of the consumer, AI will keep an eye on search patterns, navigation tools, and preferred channels. AI will feed these digital crumbs to businesses to elaborate on the searches. A seamless digital UX would thus be created. The retail companies would benefit from the user’s digital footprint, allowing more room for improvement. 

Marketing Trends

The face of marketing is bound to experience the essence of AI in the coming years. AI will create programmatic advertising. Through AI, personalized individual ads and pop-ups will appear. Depending on the user, through an eye or touch recognition, individualized banners, ads, and email marketing would be enabled. Predictive market research and a user’s need assessment will be analyzed and automated. A refined UX, along with customer service management, marketing tactics, would be enhanced. Advertising could be done through AR and VR tools, which are another face of AI. Augmented reality and virtual reality-driven marketing would give lifelike experience to consumers who are yet to buy a product or service.

Automated Production and Manufacturing

FMCG companies are likely to experience a paradigm shift in their manufacturing process. From making human involvement obsolete to driving the supplying chain through AI, the entire manufacturing process will be automated. The higher the automation, the better would be end products. Apart from FMCG, other businesses investing millions of dollars on human resources to get their work done in factories. The automated manufacturing trend will eliminate any potential errors and flaws. 

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Forecast of Future Unprecedented Events

Based on previous trends of unannounced health crises or calamities, human activities, and environmental factors, machines could be made smart enough to predict any pandemic or accident. A data scientist could research and analyze AI patterns to warn the human race of potential forthcoming harm. If a red flag is waved before the advent of a catastrophe, future planning could be done. The preventive measure could be taken in time to save dollars, panic, and lives. Artificial intelligence may altogether be used to stop the disaster from ever coming. Sensors and biohazard devices will act as predictors of a disaster. For instance, bio-sensing devices will be installed to detect viruses, bacteria, and any fatal pathogens in our environment. Covid-19 transmission could have been avoided had we used an intelligent bio sensing device using artificial intelligence. Smart technology like that is yet to be invented. We need artificially intelligent machines of such nature to do some damage control.

Vaccine Production

For decades we’ve been listening to how vaccine production takes years to perfect the process. The future trends encouragingly tell us if the theoretical and practical world is coupled with AI, this process could be shortened. To produce a vaccine that’s 50% effective and has the genome to combat a virus or bacteria, AI services must be taken. In the future, through smart robots or AI, the vaccine perfecting process may take less than a year, saving millions of lives. Apart from the production of the vaccine, its distribution would also be carried out by AI. Smart drones operated on AI would deliver vaccines. Vaccine distribution in third world countries is a slow and lengthy process that could use AI for its benefit. 

Cloning Process and Biosciences

For years man has strived for perfecting the cloning process. They have been successful to some degree, but a human clone with actual humans like feelings, functions, and characteristics seems far fetched. While the ethical norms in this regard remain questioned, but AI is the way to go about it. To perfect the programmed DNA and genes like a human’s AI services are of great value. Who is to save years from now biosciences would witness medical marvels like human cloning. 

Data scientists are determined to make AI the ultimate game-changer. These trends are beginning to show their essence. It is only a matter of time when AI would be all that encapsulates our lives. 

Author Bio: Sania Khan is a freelance content creator who has been writing for the past seven years. A content marketer by day and a poet by night, she previously worked for a large multinational and left it to pursue her writing passion. She enjoys a good read with wit and tea to get her day started!

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