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Build the Perfect Work or Gaming Station

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Many people these days split equal amounts of time between a desk they use during work hours and one they use during their leisure time. Of course, a great number of those people will even use the same desk setup for both.

This means that now more than ever, it is crucial that people know how to go about setting up a work or play station that is both comfortable, distraction-free, and as ergonomically viable as possible, so that future health concerns such as back pain can be nipped in the bud before they get the chance to rear their ugly head.

Here we take a look at some of the key elements that can set people well on their way to developing the perfect desk setup, which will allow them to focus on winning that online gaming tournament or setting up the world’s greatest travel blog.

Build the Perfect Work or Gaming Station
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Some desk setups might look wonderful, but if they are uncomfortable, they can soon become tiring places to spend hours at a time.

Keep Work and Play Separate

If space is not a problem for you, then it is always good to try and create one area that is dedicated to working and another that is solely for relaxing and play. After all, both activities are usually completely different and will therefore require varying equipment and setup specifications unless you happen to be a pro-Esports player or a video game reviewer.

This is important, as being in a space specifically designed for a certain purpose will automatically focus you on the task or competition at hand. This can sometimes mean you have to carve out a quiet space in the living room or a bedroom which can act as an office work area while leaving a study or box room free to be developed into a gaming station.

Adjustable Tables Are All the Rage

Most people tend to focus on top-quality seating for their work/gaming station but can sometimes overlook the fact that tables these days are far more than just four legs and a slab of wood. Indeed, fully adjustable tables can now allow people to either sit or stand while they beaver away on a work project or a challenging poker tournament.

Standing desks offer many health benefits, such as better circulation – so you never suffer from pins and needles ever again – and even posture realignment. Mixing in standing positions during a long computer session has even been proven to increase productivity and reaction times.

Computer desk
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Ensuring that screens are at the correct height is paramount to ensuring that workers or players do not develop cricks in their necks or backs.

Keeping it Lit

Another crucial aspect of any desk setup is lighting because the last thing anyone wants to be doing is squinting at a badly lit screen and keyboard or battling against rays of sun that are cast across your presentation in our gaming lobby.

Of course, some natural light is always a good idea to make a space feel airy and alive, but blinds or curtains can help you ensure that things do not get too bright. If a study or gaming room has no natural light, then some cleverly mounted light fittings will bring just the correct ambiance to a room. Being able to adjust lights depending on your mood or the time of day is also a nice way of looking after your eyes.

Last But Not Least… the Chair

There has been a raging debate of late about whether specialist gaming chairs or standard ergonomic office chairs are the way to go when it comes to choosing a place to position your posterior for hours on end.

While gaming chairs, with their bucket seats and fancy designs, can be tempting for people to invest in, there does appear to be a general consensus that anything an expensive gaming chair can do, a high-quality office chair can also accomplish, and often for a fraction of the price. Just make sure you try before you buy because different body shapes require different shaped furniture.

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