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How To Start a Travel Blog and Make a Living from it

How To Start a Travel Blog and Make a Living from it
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Traveling to new places is a thrill that most people enjoy, but they might not know that they can earn a living from it. Blogging is another career path that has enabled a decent chunk of people to change their lifestyles. When you combine the two, you can enjoy visiting new destinations and make a living from them through blogging. All you have to do is create a blog to begin your journey of turning your passion of travel into a career. Currently, you do not have to spend a lot of money to pay a web designer to create the blog for you. With technological advancements in the modern world, you can create your blog in just a few minutes. Below we outline the key steps that you need to follow to ensure you make money. 

1. Create a blog 

As we mentioned above, the first step is to make a blog. You need to research the various options available to establish the ideal choice for your blog. Today, it is simple for anyone to create a blog by using one of the many website-building platforms available online, such as Wix, Editor X, Squarespace, etc. You can choose a template with a website builder and use intuitive drag and drop editor to customize it, and you’ll end up with a beautiful site. These website builders also usually offer free web hosting, which will allow you to get started with your blog without investing anything into it. It is best to start with the free version; then, you can upgrade after becoming familiar with how blogs work. The downside to the free version is that it is limited, and you will not make money through advertising. If you are looking to start earning as soon as possible, you may want to start with a paid hosting plan.

2. Organize your content 

Content is key if you want to capture the attention of your target market. It is almost impossible to have a flourishing blog without a clear outline of what you will post therein. If you enjoy traveling, but you are not a good writer, you can consider getting a freelancer to help generate content from your experiences and notes. For this reason, you need a detailed plan outlining the structure of the blog and the items to include in the copy. This is an integral part that you should not overlook. The internet has numerous resources that will come in handy to help you create a content calendar for your blog. You can get inspiration from other travel blog sites, especially from influencers outside your jurisdiction. 

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3. Identify potential partners 

You can make money on the blog through different means. One of the top ways that bloggers earn is through affiliate marketing. Getting paid from brands is the biggest challenge you will encounter, but it will not be long before you woe the right people with the right content. Do not wait until it is too late before you get started on affiliate marketing. The sooner you start, the better, as this will help you create trust with your audience. Start by recommending the brands you love that make your travel experience wholesome. This will gradually get them to notice your travel blog or their competition will offer to pay for the marketing. Be honest when reviewing products if you want to earn more as a blogger. Your audience will follow your recommendations, and if the feedback is different from yours, you will lose their trust. 

4. Paid brand partnerships 

Brands want visibility for their products and services. The travel sector is among those with many opportunities regarding partnerships with companies. Package your content to attract a specific demographic with brands that sell to them in mind. This way, you get to position yourself for the said companies to notice you and reach out with offers. Also, you do not have to wait for them to come to you. Once you identify the brands you want to work with, you can reach out with a proposal that includes your portfolio and ask for a partnership.

Due to the high number of bloggers in the travel industry, you need to have a unique selling point. Additionally, you need to have clear information on your reach. Use the various tools available to track your activity, as this will be your leverage in the negotiations. 

The four ways we mentioned above are not the only ways that you can explore to earn. Ad placement, monetizing your videos, and selling your photos are among the other ways to make money with a travel blog. Content creation is one of the aspects that you need to be intentional about. Identify your target audience and create content that aligns with their preferences. Also, you may need to invest in photography and video equipment or a good phone to make your work easier and top quality. 

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