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Is It Still A Good Idea To Keep Physical Photo Albums?

Physical Photo Albums
Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

Is It Still A Good Idea To Keep Physical Photo Albums?

With the many available online and electronic services and software, analog anything is starting to become a novelty. There is a software for every little thing that you can think of. Anything we enjoy in real life is now available on the internet. Activities like shopping, gambling and the like can now be enjoyed anytime from the comfort of your own home. Reading news doesn’t even need to wait ‘til the morning for when your paperboy delivers your newspaper. News travels as quickly as 140 characters in a speed of as fast as 10 seconds after any event/situation.

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Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

The modern world has been more and more dependent on making things electronic that it makes me wonder… Are we forgetting about the simpler things in life?

Take in example, photo albums. I have family members who now proudly send their virtual scrapbooks and photo collections to everyone on their e-mail list. I see more of people’s photo albums on Facebook than I do in their homes. Almost all photographic devices we can get our hands on, deliver electronic photos. Take a picture, connect it to your computer, and voila! You can now instantly share it with anyone on the internet.

But if you think about it, there is still a special place in the world for physical photo albums. I don’t like to admit it out loud a lot, but I love sifting through photo albums with my family and friends and bonding together, all hunched up over a book that holds a lot of our memories. It may be more costly than virtual albums. To write it down, I have to buy an empty album, constantly refill my printer with Canon ink cartridges, get the right photo paper, print pictures, assemble them, and the list goes on.

It takes more effort in building a physical photo album, but once in a while in this modern world, it really is better to have and enjoy memories that you can actually hold on the tip of your fingers.


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