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Smart Wandering: How Our Phones Have Changed Travel

In last few years in particular, technology has advanced at such a rapid rate, significantly changing various aspects of modern life. One of these is travel. Many of us will remember the days of relying on paper maps to get from A to B, while our picture taking ability would be confined to cameras with films that would need to be developed at the the chemist after returning home.

The smartphone in particular has been central to all this development. Here are just some of the ways that this piece of technology has made travelling so much more straightforward.


In the last couple of years, smartphones have significantly advanced our ability to navigate your way around. With offline maps available on Google and other apps such as MAPS.ME, you can download the map of the place you are travelling beforehand and let GPS direct you around. Whether you are driving into the city centre or simply strolling around looking for the main tourist sites, the task has now been made significantly easier. This should also help arguments about directions become a thing of the past!


As already mentioned, way back in the day you would be limited to a handful of pictures and there would be no room for error. The frustration of having one developed with your finger over the lens was immense! Obviously those days have been long gone for some time now, but these days smartphone cameras have become so advanced, many people feel they don’t need anything else. New apps are coming out all the time to enhance your photography, and even the traditional postcard is evolving thanks to apps like MyPosctard App. Even the most amaterish of amateur photographers can shoot fantastic pictures thanks to smartphones!

2 - Smart Wandering: How Our Phones Have Changed Travel


The myriad of booking apps now available means that it is so easy to compare accommodation and book a place with a few clicks of a button. This gives you more flexibility when you are out on the open road. No longer does everything have to be fixed in place before you travel. You can also check out all the facilities so you know exactly what you are getting.


As online reviews become more and more important for all hospitality providers, for travellers this means a greater standard of service. Before you book a hotel or eat at a restaurant, you can examine all the reviews and get a much better idea of exactly what you will be getting. As a traveller, you can also contribute your own reviews to help others in the future.

Social Media

Not only can you now keep everyone you know updated on your every movement thanks to social media, you can also keep in contact with people across the world like never before. While the friends you met abroad may once have been lost over time, you are now able to stay in touch and possibly even see them again in the future.

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