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5 Secret Beaches You Can Only Reach By Yacht

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Tired of over-crowded beaches and following the trend? Well these top five secret beaches will not disappoint. What makes them secret? They are so exclusive you can only reach them by yacht, the true gentleman’s vessel.

Haad Farang and Tham Morakot, Ko Muk, Thailand

The serene waters of Thailand have thousands of islands to offer, complete with an array of white sand beaches, a great deal of which remain largely unexplored. From Thailand’s world class diving, to the remote inlet anchorages of Indonesia, you’re sure to find a piece of remote paradise you can pitch up on in isolated bliss.

With over 3000 km of spectacular coastline, Thailand is covered in undiscovered bays. The charming beauty of Asia offers emerald isles, turquoise waters and impressive rock formations, a treat for your for your bucket list – and your camera.

However, our focus here is the island of Ko Muk. Located west between Thailand and Malaysia, Ko Muk ishome to the wonder that is Haad Farang. This small but stunning bay, is surrounded by constant calm waters, making it the ideal spot for families and those who love a dip in the sea.

This exclusive bay is limited for sun-loungers due to its hidden location, a chaos free zone unlike other parts of Thailand such as Bangkok, with most of civilisation tucked out of sight amongst the trees. But we don’t recommend this area of Ko Muk as one of our top 5 hidden beaches for nothing.

Around the corner of this bay you can find Tham Morakot, otherwise known as the Emerald Cave. Lined with stalactites, the cavern leads onto a sheltered cove camouflaged with dense foliage, and if you’re lucky you may see the local monkeys.

Of course, you must be prepared to travel the extra part of the journey through the dark cave to reach this bonus secret hideaway, but then that is part of what makes it a truly exceptional place, unlike any you could ever experience.  Make sure to research before you travel as you could find Charter itineraries suitable for you venture if you want a more structured format and expert advice on where is best to dock and stop off at on your travels with your yacht.

Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Moving from Ko Muk to Indonesia’s Raja Ampat. Home to the richest marine biodiversity on earth, majority of the reef fish, corals and crustaceans located here can’t be found anywhere else in the world. As the native home of whale sharks, manta rays, and the rare and endangered Leatherback turtle, Raja Ampat is the ideal location for diving and nature enthusiasts.

Visitors to the island have have several accommodation options on land, of course these are only accessible by boat from the Sorong airport, which is why it is best to charter a yacht, as you can sleep aboard whilst touring the wonders of this corner of paradise.

Devils Bay, Virgin Gorda, Caribbean

The definition of paradise, the Caribbean is a vision to behold. But if you want to experience the islands to the full, you need to explore the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Located to the east of Puerto Rico, the BVI makes the perfect yacht trip.

These relatively unspoilt islands, have few signs of tourism due to its lack of access. The best time to plan a yacht charter in this location is between November and May, when the weather is in ideal conditions, making it the perfect winter getaway.

One particular BVI, the Virgin Gorda, is home to an array of hidden bays that you can explore and view from the comfort of a yacht. But, for a truly spectacular view we recommend you head ashore and make the trek to the highest point of the island of Virgin Gorda, to Gorda Peak. Despite the hike, the view you are met with at the top of the peak, makes it all worthwhile, with a glorious panoramic view of the surrounding islands.

Savannah, Pond, Devil’s, Mahoe and Spring are all bays that can be found across the Virgin Gorda. Our personal favourite hidden gem however, is Devil’s bay. With white sand for days and lustrous turquoise waves, this peaceful unspoilt wonder is a sight to behold. Surrounded with odd rock piles, this hidden gem of a bay, looks somewhere where Captain Jack would be happy to be stranded.

The magnificent views and peaceful surroundings, are just some of the luxury perks of experiencing the Caribbean by yacht. Make the most of travelling via yacht to get there, as it provides you with unlimited VIP access to otherwise unreachable beaches and coves. You can opt to get a Caribbean yacht charter itinerary, to help aid you in your exploration of these magnificent islands.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Located within the Ionian Islands of Greece, Navagio beach is hidden within a horse shoe rock formation, perfectly trapped this patch of heaven. Often referred to as Shipwreck Beach or Smugglers Cove, Navagio beach is picturesque and would make the most perfect Instagram post.

This patch of sparkling sand trapped amongst the limestone cliffs only entrance is through the turquoise seas, and the only inhabitant on this beach is a shipwreck. The shipwreck looks like something straight from a pirate film, so try to capture that in your panorama picture.

Of course, there are no facilities on this beach due to the rurality of it, so make sure you take a picnic and any other provisions aboard your yacht to take with you. But for those who really want to get away off the grid and treat themselves to some sun and chill therapy, this is the place.

Sv. Ivan, Cres Island, Croatia

Croatia is a fascinating island to explore with its many town quays and colourful culture. But out of all of Croatia, we recommend you visit Cres Island and the secluded beach of Sv. Ivan.

The crescent moon-shaped pebble beach of Sv. Ivan, is a difficult trek which is why majority travel by boat. The beach itself has no facilities and very little shade but is ideal for cutting off from the chaos of the rest of the world.

Croatia makes for a blissful yacht sailing expedition so why not make the most of your charter and stop at a few ports and check out the restaurants Croatia has to offer? Chartering a yacht will provide a unique opportunity to explore the island from a different point of view, whilst also enabling you to reach secluded shores such as that of Sv. Ivan. Charter itineraries are available for those who want an organised experience exploring the Croatian coast.